Amber Mountain Marketing offers you an outsourced Marketing Manager adding support to your business.  Ensuring marketing activities have a clear direction to really influence your customer base and deliver results.  Elevating your business to the next level.


Sometimes in business, you reach a plateau leaving you unsure of what to do next in the attempt to advance your company.  A common ‘quick fix’ would be to spend money advertising or run an expensive promotion, but how do you really know these are the right steps for your business?  Amber Mountain will take the time to analyse your business and get a true understanding of what you do, which will allow us to provide the best marketing strategy going forward and continuing long into the future.


  • Cost Effective

    Cut expenditure on activities by using tools that are right for the business. Minimise the cost of a full-time marketing manager by taking advantage of a flexible package designed to allow work on either an ad-hoc, project or retained basis.

  • Gain Understanding

    Gain marketing expertise from Amber Mountain that will help your strategical focus, giving the business every opportunity to grow to its full potential.

  • Flexibility

    Working with timescales and budgets that suit your business needs. We do not provide an ‘all or nothing’ solution, our marketing expertise can be utilised in areas that will benefit the business most effectively.

  • Expertise

    Amber Mountain has access to many experts in the field ensuring we can manage relationships and deliver the complete marketing package.

  • Rapid Results

    We are experienced in analysis and assessment, providing the appropriate next steps for the business, managing marketing activities and delivering prompt and successful results.

  • Genuine Passion

    We genuinely care about every business we work with and love what we do. We aim to deliver the best results, assisting you to build your business with continued growth into the future.