Meet Our Team

Say hello to our rockstar team of digital wizards, super-geeks and all-round marketing heroes!

Emma Ellis | Managing Director | Digital Marketing Solutions | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Emma Ellis

Managing Director

With over 15 years experience in the digital arena, award-winning Chartered Marketer Emma Ellis has a proven track record for transforming businesses through creative online campaigns. Over the years, she’s worked with a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from construction and trades to finance, creative agencies, healthcare and education. Emma is also passionate about recruiting, supporting and developing the next generation of digital marketers — a vision she has made reality through Amber Mountain’s acclaimed Apprenticeship Scheme. When she’s not working her marketing magic, Emma loves drinking too much gin, dancing badly, and then moaning about drinking too much gin and dancing badly. (It’s a vicious cycle.)

Tia-Lily Girdlestone | Marketing Manager | Digital Marketing Agency | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Tia-Lily Girdlestone

Marketing Manager

Tia started as our very first apprentice here at Amber Mountain, and we’ve seen her go from strength to strength. Before joining us, Tia achieved A-levels in Business Studies, Media Studies and Sociology, and gained valuable work experience with Fortem, Marie-Curie and Tesco. From day one, Tia was full of enthusiasm and drive, and we knew she would become an immense marketer and a major part of our team. We weren’t wrong! Tia gained a distinction in her apprenticeship and went on to become a fabulous Marketing Manager. 

Tia’s experience, positivity, and happy vibes make her a perfect role model for our apprentices. She’s also the go-to guru for current trends for all our clients to hop onto. While working, she’s frequently heard quoting Gemma Collins (or Aitch, depending on the day). Which means we have all started now. Even our families are joining in!

I’m sure if you follow us on social media, you will have noticed Tia is the joker of the gang — always photobombing someone or buying the shots! This, combined with her extensive knowledge of marketing, makes her the perfect member of our team. We know all the team will have her full support and grow just like she has done. You go, Glen Coco! (She has us all saying that.)

Chris Crane | Digital Marketing | Amber Mountain Marketing

Chris Crane

Marketing Account Manager

Chris has 7+ years of experience working in digital marketing. He is definitely the ideas man in the team as he’s always coming up with new, fun and engaging strategies for our clients (and for us!).

Before joining Amber Mountain, Chris was focusing on the marketing for his own golf community business where he ran social media advertisements and campaigns for his clients. Chris gained many years working alongside big London Marketing agencies and brings a wealth of experience to help our clients and Amber Mountain grow.

When Chris isn’t in the office on Thursdays, you’ll find him on the Golf Course or in the kitchen cooking up a feast.  A man of many talents!

Liana Gomes | Operations Assistant | Digital Marketing Agency | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Liana Gomes

Operations Assistant

Liana is the brains behind all the accounts and finances side of the business. She joined us in April 2022 as our Operations Administrator and take our word for it when we say, there is nothing she can’t do!! Not only is she a mother of five children under 12, but she’s also a Zumba instructor, a fitness fanatic and she cracks us up with her Instagram reels! Before joining our team Liana had a corporate background for over 15 years, working in London as a Facilities & Health and Safety Manager and she also worked for her local parish council as an Events Organiser for four years (London Colney of course). If you see Liana on one of her bike rides around Hertfordshire, make sure you say hello!



Meet Our Team

Aidan Hogan

Before joining Amber Mountain Marketing in March 2021, Aidan studied A-levels in Media Studies and Graphic design.

During lockdown, he spent his days working in the Co-op — longing for a start date to begin his marketing career! When the day finally came, Aidan was well worth the wait.

He enjoys content creation and graphic design, with his customer service experience allowing him to emulate various brand tones. Aidan is a massive Watford FC fan and enjoys heavy metal music — both questionable choices in the eyes of everyone else!

He is also very much the lightweight of the team. If you take him for a beer, make sure it’s just the one!

Lewis Mulligan

After studying for A-levels in Media, Graphics and Film, Lewis began a full-time role in a restaurant kitchen. Needless to say, he is accustomed to multi-tasking and performing under pressure! He is yet to cook for us, but we’ll keep asking.

Lewis soon realised hospitality was not his passion but, luckily for us, he’s found his calling in marketing. Lewis moved from Lincolnshire to Herts just for us (shucks!) and we’re so happy he took the move.

Lewis has a great eye for design and we look forward to seeing him shine in his new role. He also loves dance music and a boogie, but hasn’t done the worm for us just yet. Roll on the next night out!

Sophie Goddard

After working as the Marketing Manager at a well-known brunch and events brand, Sophie has joined Amber Mountain to live the agency lifestyle! She loves to create targeted copywriting and implement that through social media and digital marketing. Sophie is always up to date with the trends and she loves to help her clients stay ahead of the curve.

Not only does Sophie excel in doing this for her clients, but she also does it for her very own theatre review Instagram. She lives the glamorous life as she attends press nights and writes reviews on her page. Let’s hope the AMM nights out can live up to that!

Libby Robinson

Libby has joined AMM to kickstart her digital marketing career. After studying Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University, she found her love for Photoshop and graphic design! From there Libby did a free 3-month internship in graphic design and is now joining us to get experience in digital marketing.

Not only is she good behind Photoshop, but she’s also good on the pitch! Libby plays for St Neots Ladies rugby team and loves it. Whilst at university, she ran her rugby club’s social media for two years!

Will Scott

Will joined us straight after his A-Level studies, where he gained qualifications in Digital Media, Business and History! It was through his Digital Media qualification where he found his passion for marketing.

Will loves to bring his ideas to life through creating graphics, however, he’s already shown great content writing skills too!

If there’s one thing about Will, he will not make his lunch! You’ll often find Will in Morrison’s at half 1 looking for something to eat!

Molly Darcy

Molly joins the AMM team as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. After studying Business, Media and Sociology at A-Levels she found her passion for online marketing in her media coursework when she was tasked with designing a magazine cover on Photoshop! Molly is fantastic at bringing her ideas to life with her graphic design and copywriting skills. She can pick up her clients’ tone of voice amazingly! When you don’t find Molly in the office, she’ll be in one of two places; out at a boozy brunch or shopping for new clothes she doesn’t need

Jon Salinger

With over 10 years’ worth of experience in the world of SEO and Analytics, there is nothing Jon doesn’t know. In fact, we like to say, ‘Don’t ask Google, ask Jon!’ as we’re sure he has the answer to every question. He ensures you reach the highest possible search rankings and helps you take pride of place among the relentless noise of online traffic. In addition, he provides our clients with invaluable insights based around online acquisition, behaviour, and conversion, providing the information needed to increase online effectiveness. He’s a man of many talents! He has also worked in the world of sport for 20 years. Although he has left this field work wise, his passion for it continues as he spends his spare time running the London Colney Youth Football Club!

Arlo Ellis

Arlo joined the Amber Mountain team in December 2021.

He has the social media presence down to a T, is great at bringing the team extra joy when he comes bolting through the office and loves nothing more than making his way round for daily hellos.