Meet Our Team

Say hello to our rockstar team of digital wizards, super-geeks and all-round marketing heroes!

Emma - Managing Director

Emma Ellis

Managing Director

With over 15 years experience in the digital arena, award-winning Chartered Marketer Emma Ellis has a proven track record for transforming businesses through creative online campaigns. Over the years, she’s worked with a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from construction and trades to finance, creative agencies, healthcare and education. Emma is also passionate about recruiting, supporting and developing the next generation of digital marketers — a vision she has made reality through Amber Mountain’s acclaimed Apprenticeship Scheme. When she’s not working her marketing magic, Emma loves drinking too much gin, dancing badly, and then moaning about drinking too much gin and dancing badly. (It’s a vicious cycle.)

Tamzin - Marketing Manager

Tamzin Klyen

Head of Sales and Marketing

Tamzin is an award winning marketing specialist and social media guru. She is also highly skilled in WordPress, Linkedln marketing, e-marketing, website content, and business development. In fact, there isn’t much she doesn’t know! Although Emma pretends to be, Tamzin is very much the boss at Amber Mountain Marketing — and an unstoppable force behind its growth. Although Tamzin took the apprentice route to build her marketing career, she definitely went to university somewhere to get her degree in sarcasm.

Tamzin also likes to tell Emma to stop drinking too much gin and dancing badly. Emma does not heed this advice. (It’s a vicious cycle.)

Sarah - PA to Managing Director

Sarah Mugele

Operations Manager

Sarah is our amazing Operations Manager. She keeps us in all in check and, quite frankly, we wouldn’t last two minutes without her. Sarah ensures the business is highly organised, she is our process queen and this has resulted in the whole team knowing exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it.   Sarah also ensures our clients onboarding process is the best it can be and also helps recruit and on board our new team members (with amazing success!). Sarah has bags of experience working in both large corporates and owner-run businesses, as well as a BSc degree in Business Information Systems. This experience is always apparent and there is not a week that goes by when Sarah hasn’t thought of a new way to build the business.

Recently, Sarah redecorated her whole house top to bottom as part of Tia’s weekly goal-setting challenge. What a woman! She’s the ‘Mum’ of our office – strict when she needs to be, but always there with a reassuring word and heaps of love. She loves a cheeky prosecco or three, and is an all-round good egg. We feel pretty lucky to have her!

Tia-Lily - Marketing Team Leader

Tia-Lily Girdlestone

Marketing Team Leader

Tia was our very first apprentice here at Amber Mountain, and we’ve seen her go from strength to strength. Before joining us, Tia achieved A-levels in Business Studies, Media Studies and Sociology, and gained valuable work experience with Fortem, Marie-Curie and Tesco. From day one, Tia was full of enthusiasm and drive, and we knew she would become an immense marketer and a major part of our team. We weren’t wrong! Tia gained a distinction in her apprenticeship and went on to become a fabulous Team Leader. 

Tia’s experience, positivity, and happy vibes make her a perfect role model for our apprentices. She’s also the go-to guru for current trends for all our clients to hop onto. While working, she’s frequently heard quoting Gemma Collins (or Aitch, depending on the day). Which means we have all started now. Even our families are joining in!

I’m sure if you follow us on social media, you will have noticed Tia is the joker of the gang — always photobombing someone or buying the shots! This, combined with her extensive knowledge of marketing, makes her the perfect member of our team. We know all the new apprentices will have her full support and grow just like she has done. You go, Glen Coco! (She has us all saying that.)

Ollie - Marketing Team Leader

Ollie Lallement

Marketing Team Leader

Both Emma and Tamzin have worked with Ollie and trained him during his apprenticeship. So, when our client asked if we could support Ollie as an Amber Mountain employee, we bit their hand off! With a wealth of previous experience, this guy really knows his stuff. He and Tamzin share a love for tech and enjoy bouncing ideas off each other — in scenes that could be straight out of the IT crowd. Ollie is also very innovative and a great communicator.

Ollie completed his apprenticeship with a distinction and has quickly shown great leadership skills with the new members of the team. As team leader at Amber Mountain, we know he is going to help the team and the business grow, and we couldn’t be prouder of his achievements so far.

Ollie’s sarcasm is on par with Tamzin, which means double trouble when Emma makes her regular ditzy comments. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Meet our Apprentices

Aidan Hogan

Before joining Amber Mountain Marketing in March 2021, Aidan studied A-levels in Media Studies and Graphic design.

During lockdown, he spent his days working in the Co-op — longing for a start date to begin his marketing career! When the day finally came, Aidan was well worth the wait.

He enjoys content creation and graphic design, with his customer service experience allowing him to emulate various brand tones. Aidan is a massive Watford FC fan and enjoys heavy metal music — both questionable choices in the eyes of everyone else!

He is also very much the lightweight of the team. If you take him for a beer, make sure it’s just the one!

Alara Ali

Alara joined us in April 2021 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, after gaining four A-levels in Business Studies, Psychology and Art and Design. She was previously working with a fashion company Oasis and has experience with British Airways and Cancer Research.

She loves creating eye-catching graphics for her clients and ensuring their branding really stands out from the crowd.

In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, thrifting (Emma had to ask what that was), understanding the power of crystals, and drinking cocktails (Emma asked if she could come too).

Amy De Castillo

After completing A-levels in Business and Politics, Amy travelled across Asia before taking a part-time position in Sainsburys. She quickly became the store’s youngest supervisor and found her passion for marketing while handling in-store advertising.

Amy recently started her own “fit-stagram”, and has experience writing mental health blogs for charities, including Time to Change and NCS.

Amy arrived at Amber Mountain with a thirst for knowledge and is fast becoming an immense marketer. She is also a keen gardener and dedicated gym bunny, smashing her weight-lifting PBs on a weekly basis.

Go get it, Amy!

Robert McCaul

Robert is our second intern at Amber and is currently in his placement year. Robert is studying Journalism and is keen to learn more about marketing to help him in the future.

Robert is a fantastic writer and really takes the time to understand his clients, delivering amazing content that builds positive long-term customer relationships. He is a keen runner and loves the Saturday morning Park Run (we think he’s nuts).

His ideal weekend is a Guinness down the pub (now we’re onboard!) with his mates and watching Liverpool whenever he can. Robert’s burning desire is to be published in The Guardian, and we have no doubt he’ll make it happen.

Lily Mills

Studying Media, Art and Graphic Design in school, Lily has always had a creative touch. Starting her career in hospitality, she spent the free time she had designing graphics and branding guidelines for her own personal Instagram accounts, as well as local restaurants.

She soon realised that hospitality wasn’t for her and wanted to pursue a career in marketing, and we’re so happy she did! Lily already uses her creative mind to create eye-catching designs and loves learning new ways to help her clients!

Like most of the team she loves her animals! Whilst looking after her two dogs and rabbits, she still manages to find time for a good night out and can regularly be found with friends!

Lewis Mulligan

After studying for A-levels in media, graphics and film, Lewis began a full-time role in a restaurant kitchen. Needless to say, he is accustomed to multi-tasking and performing under pressure! He is yet to cook for us, but we’ll keep asking.

Lewis soon realised hospitality was not his passion but, luckily for us, he’s found his calling in marketing. Lewis moved from Lincolnshire to Herts just for us (shucks!) and we’re so happy he took the move.

Lewis has a great eye for design and we look forward to seeing him shine in his new role. He also loves dance music and a boogie, but hasn’t done the worm for us just yet. Roll on the next night out!

Charlotte Rider

Charlotte was our third intern at Amber Mountain, taking a year with us while studying Marketing at Nottingham Trent. After studying Business Studies at college, she fell in love with the marketing aspects of the course and wanted to further develop her understanding. We’re so happy she did so!

Charlottes writing skills were apparent from the get-go, completing blogs and content for a range of clients in her first week with us. We’re sure she’ll smash her dissertation when she comes to it!

In her spare time, she loves traveling back to Nottingham to see her friends who are still at university and pursuing her passion for Dance. We look forward to you teaching us some moves on the next social Charlotte. 😉