Meet The Team

The Team

Emma Ellis | Managing Director | Amber Mountain Marketing | Marketeer | Hertfordshire

Emma Ellis | Managing Director

Emma is an award-winning Chartered Marketer with over 13 years’ experience in various roles, Emma has proven strategic and organisational change success in transforming businesses and taking them to the next level. Emma loves to help small businesses ensuring they have the marketing support to reach their business goals and objectives and has a track record of doing exactly that.   Emma also loves helping the younger generation with their career development hence the apprentices we have here at Amber Mountain Marketing.

Emma also loves drinking too much gin, dancing badly and then moaning about drinking too much gin and dancing badly.

Tamzin Klyen | Marketing Manager | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Tamzin Klyen | Marketing Manager

Tamzin is an experienced marketing specialist and our social media guru, who is also highly skilled in WordPress, LinkedIn Marketing, Email Marketing, Websites, Design and Business Development. In fact, there isn’t really much she doesn’t know. Although Emma pretends to be, Tamzin is very much the boss at Amber Mountain Marketing and is the reason it has grown so quickly.  Although Tamzin took the apprentice route to build her marketing career, we think she definitely went to university somewhere, to get her degree in sarcasm.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Tamzin also likes to tell Emma to stop drinking too much gin and to stop dancing badly.

Sarah Mugele | PA to Managing Manager | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Sarah Mugele| PA to Director

Sarah is our amazing PA and Office manager she keeps us in all in check and we quite frankly couldn’t be without her!  Sarah ensures our diaries are organised, accounts are up to date, and recruits our new team members! Sarah has bags of experience working in both large corporates and owner-run businesses as well as a BSc degree in Business Information Systems. Sarah is also the Mum of our office – strict when she needs to be, but spreads so much love at the same time! Sarah has also done her whole house up due to religiously sticking to Tia’s personal goal setting challenge every week!  What a woman! Sarah also loves a cheeky prosecco or three!  Everyone needs a Sarah in their team!

Tia-Lily Girdlestone | Marketing Assistant | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Tia-Lily Girdlestone | Marketing Assistant

Tia joins us as our very first apprentice at Amber Mountain Marketing.  Before joining us Tia was studying, achieving three A-Levels in Business Studies, Media Studies and Sociology. Tia has work experience with Fortem, Marie-Curie and Tesco’s which taught her the many ways to market successfully and ignited a passion for marketing.  Tia is full of enthusiasm and her can-do attitude makes her a perfect fit for Amber Mountain.  We too are learning from Tia, who has taught us some amazing ‘welwyn street’ language such as ‘Certi’ and ‘Jarring’.  Do ask her what they mean when you speak to her!

Adam Kingston | Marketing Apprentice | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Adam Kingston | Marketing Apprentice

At last Amber Mountain gained our first boy, we find it quite apt that his name is Adam!  Adam joined us in December and took well to the gaggle of women he has to work with. What we love about Adam is he just cracks on, never saying no to any new task and taking it all in his stride.  It a short space of time the results of his efforts have astounded us, with great financial returns for his clients.  Adam sits with his head in his laptop and earphones on most of the day, working as hard as he can for his clients (and probably because he is in an office full of girls), but when he does make an appearance his one-liners have us in stitches.  His love for Karen (our office scooter) which we won at a charity event is a bit weird but he can do a mean trick or two for sure.

Ollie Lallement | Marketing Apprentice | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Ollie Lallement | Marketing Apprentice

Both Emma and Tamzin have worked with Ollie and supported him at the beginning of his apprenticeship and when our client asked if we could support Ollie as an Amber Mountain employee we bit their hand off!  Due to his experience in his past role this guy really knows his stuff, like Tamzin he is incredibly techy which allows Tamzin to have someone to bounce ideas off with (A bit like a scene of the IT crowd hahaha). Ollie is also very innovative with ideas and a great communicator!  His sarcasm in on par with Tamzin’s so it means double trouble, when Emma makes her regular ditzy comments! But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ella Grappy | Marketing Apprentice | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Ella Grappy | Marketing Apprentice

After working with the likes of and Mind, Ella realised her passion for content creation. She even started her own blog and YouTube channel in 2017 and took courses in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing prior to this apprenticeship to gain experience (she’s on it!!). With years of experience in Customer Service, Ella is fantastic at adapting her writing to any tone of voice in order to suit her clients. Ella sits quietly in the office getting her work done but she’s blown us off our feet already!  If everyone in the world could have half as much ambition and motivation as this girl, the world would be a better place!  You rock Ella!

Cara Wyper | Marketing Apprentice | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Cara Wyper| Marketing Intern

Cara spread her infectious smile across the office as our first Marketing Intern! After studying Media Studies in sixth form, Cara continued her studies at Bournemouth University, undertaking a degree in Communication and Media. She is currently completing her placement year before completing her studies. In just a matter of weeks it felt like Cara had been in our team from the beginning, and it’s going to be so tough when she has to leave us to go back to Uni!  Cara has truly made an impact in the office with her immense blog writing and her beautiful handwriting (Tia actually lets her write on the whiteboard too!!).   We also love her Instagram stories rants……If you have a spare hour and want a laugh, ask her about them!

Madison Rogers | Marketing Apprentice | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Madison Rogers | Marketing Administrator

This little hero may only be part time but boy does she give the full time impact! ⠀

Maddie came back to us part time in March and helped us with some very technical clients. Her knowledge, patience and speed of work is just incredible, and all of her clients absolutely love her and so do we! Maddie’s confidence has grown immensely since she first started with us in 2019 and is exceptionally talented at both design and content writing. Maddie’s results speak for themselves with her customers ROI at least trebling in most businesses.

Maddie is always making us laugh with her holiday and family stories (always a drama) and don’t get us started on how she eats her Maltesers! No one was more pleased than Emma and Tamzin when Maddie came back, we would have been lost in lockdown without you! ⠀

If you would like to find out more about Amber Mountain and what we can do for your organisation, give us a call or drop us an email and we will happily tell you more.