At Amber Mountain we are passionate about helping people succeed and love to help companies become even better at what they do and so Amber Mountain Marketing was set up to do just that!

We like to become heavily involved in the businesses that we work with. We think it is extremely important to understand what really motivates a person and why they do the things that they do. Where do you focus your passion? What is it about your product or service that drives you, and it, forward? We take pride in relating to everyone we work with. Getting to know personalities, strengths and weaknesses. After all this is your brand and we want every one of your customers to feel like you do about it. So many businesses have such a fantastic story to tell but through no fault of their own, cannot find the right tools or channels to tell it and that’s where we come in.

Our passion for Marketing has given us a solid background of increasing profits in small to medium companies and we love to help people get a real understanding of what strategic marketing can do for their business and dispel the myth that marketing is just putting logos on pens and make things look pretty! (Although we have been known to do that too!!).

The Team

Emma Ellis | Managing Director

Emma is an award-winning Chartered Marketer with over 13 years’ experience in various roles, Emma has proven strategic and organisational change success in transforming businesses and taking them to the next level. Emma loves to help small businesses ensuring they have the marketing support to reach their business goals and objectives and has a track record of doing exactly that.   Emma also loves helping the younger generation with their career development hence the apprentices we have here at Amber Mountain Marketing.

Emma also loves drinking too much gin, dancing badly and then moaning about drinking too much gin and dancing badly.

Tamzin Klyen | Marketing Manager

Tamzin is an experienced marketing specialist and our social media guru, who is also highly skilled in WordPress, LinkedIn Marketing, Email Marketing, Websites, Design and Business Development. In fact, there isn’t really much she doesn’t know. Although Emma pretends to be, Tamzin is very much the boss at Amber Mountain Marketing and is the reason it has grown so quickly.  Although Tamzin took the apprentice route to build her marketing career, we think she definitely went to university somewhere, to get her degree in sarcasm.  But we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Tamzin also likes to tell Emma to stop drinking too much gin and to stop dancing badly.

Tia-Lily Girdlestone | Marketing Apprentice

Tia joins us as our very first apprentice at Amber Mountain Marketing.  Before joining us Tia was studying, achieving three A-Levels in Business Studies, Media Studies and Sociology. Tia has work experience with Fortem, Marie-Curie and Tesco’s which taught her the many ways to market successfully and ignited a passion for marketing.  Tia is full of enthusiasm and her can-do attitude makes her a perfect fit for Amber Mountain.  We too are learning from Tia, who has taught us some amazing ‘welwyn street’ language such as ‘Certi’ and ‘Jarring’.  Do ask her what they mean when you speak to her!

Maddie Rogers | Marketing Apprentice

Maddie joined Amber Mountain Marketing in October alongside Ellie. Before joining the team, Maddie had just left sixth form, achieving four A-levels in Product design, Engineering, Media and Business studies. Maddie is definitely the copy writer of the office; she checks everyone’s wording and even Emma has her writing her content these days!   She is also a wiz at Photoshop which is great news for our clients.  Maddie is a perfectionist and loves to be busy. Also working as a rock-climbing teacher and an event planner in the evening and weekends we wonder if there is anything this girl can’t do!  Oh yes…the girl can back flip!   Enough about Maddie it’s too depressing for the rest of us!

Ellie Giggins| Marketing Apprentice

Ellie joined us in October after finishing sixth form studying three A-Levels in Business, Health and social care and IT.  Ellie has a very bubbly personality and is definitely the feeder in the office, every day without fail there is something new to eat in the office.  Ellie even went and sourced a bigger second-hand fridge to keep her feeder reputation at its best!    What we love about Ellie is how passionate she is about our company and her client’s businesses.   She treats her colleagues and clients like family and is always thinking about their best interests.  Once you give her a task she is like a dog with a bone and won’t stop until its’ done!   Ellie also loves a gin Friday!

If you would like to find out more about Amber Mountain and what we can do for your organisation, give us a call or drop us an email and we will happily tell you more.