Top performing B2B marketing strategies

When running a B2B company, it can be difficult to find effective marketing strategies to target your clients. This causes people to think that B2B marketing strategies can be too salesy. However, there are so many ways you can create genuine relationships and leads through B2B marketing. So, in this blog, we are sharing 6 of the top-performing B2B marketing strategies.

Top Performing B2B Marketing Strategies | Amber Mountain Marketing


LinkedIn is known as a B2B centric resource, where business is done and opportunities emerge. Whilst it’s still a great tool for B2B marketing, it’s important to take a slightly new approach.

LinkedIn is becoming more of a relaxed platform, with more similarities to Facebook. This is great as it means you can build more genuine and stronger relationships. However, it also means you will need to be a bit more personal and open with your content on there.

You can use LinkedIn in various ways, including:

  1. Sharing content from your business page – Similar to a Facebook page and Instagram profile, you can establish your business on LinkedIn by setting up a page. Then all employees can tag and share your page when they start working there.
  2. Personal branding content – As well as your page content, it’s important to establish yourself as a key member of the business. In today’s market, a business will want to really understand the company it’s buying into, which means getting to know the people behind the brand.
  3. Connecting and messaging – There is also the opportunity to connect with and message people on LinkedIn to build relationships and tell people about your products / services. You can use tools such as Waalaxy to help speed up this process!


Google Analytics can be used to give you an insight into how people are interacting with your website. When it comes to B2B purchases, the business buying will be doing lots of research into the most cost-effective option before going ahead. That means multiple visits to your website and multiple different interactions. To ensure you can give the best impression of your business, you should regularly check analytics to monitor the pages they’re visiting and the journey they’re taking around your site.

Furthermore, having business analytics for every month will allow you to see how your business is doing and places where you might need to give more attention. For example, if a page isn’t loading or isn’t keeping users’ attention, you’ll be able to fix that.

Importance of Analytics | Top Performing B2B Marketing Strategies | Amber Mountain Marketing

Reviewing strategies

Making time to sit down and look over the strategies your business is implementing into everyday use will allow you to see what strategies are working for you and what ones need revisiting.

These reviews are crucial to ensure you’re investing in effective strategies rather than ones that may be costing a lot but not bringing in a lot of ROI.

Video Marketing

When buying into your business, your potential client will want to feel like they have the best in the market. A way you can show that without directly telling them is through video marketing. Video allows you to get your personality and your knowledge / skills across at the same time.

You can utilise this on your social media or personal brand as a subtle way to sell to your customers.

Video Marketing | Top Performing B2B Marketing Strategies | Amber Mountain Marketing

Understanding USP and having a tone of voice

In order to stand out from the competition, you need to be able to understand your unique selling point. Knowing exactly what your unique selling point is and then using the correct tone of voice for your clients means you can promote your business in a way that will make them want to work with you. Also, using the correct tone of voice will allow you to talk to your clients in a way that will build a relationship with them.

If you’re clearly communicating your USP in your interactions with them, then when they’re making the decision of which business they’d like to choose, they’ll have the best impression of yours!

Email marketing

A lot of people think that B2B shouldn’t focus on building email lists, however, email marketing is actually a really effective business marketing program and 40% of B2B marketers say email marketers say email marketing is a tactic that is critical to their success.

Building an email list and then continuously reaching out to them over time will result in a very strong relationship and hopefully repeat purchases. The selling point of email marketing is the ability to always be in front of them.

For example, if you’re selling accounting services, you may find a business that isn’t interested in your services right now. In fact, it might not be a few years until they’ll need your services. If this is the case, 3 years down the line they won’t remember your business. However, if you’re continuously checking in through emails then you’ll be at the forefront of their mind!

Additionally, try making your email marketing light-hearted rather than sales based. Not only is this going to encourage people to buy your product/use your service but it will also generate more traffic for your business.

Email Marketing | Top Performing B2B Marketing Strategies | Amber Mountain Marketing

These are only some of the many marketing strategies you can use in order to be a top-performing B2B! If you want any more information, click here and get in touch.