The Predicted Evolution of Social Media Marketing in 2024

In the ever-changing world of social media marketing, staying ahead of the latest trends is a key strategy for success. Platforms continuously adapt their algorithms, aiming to maximise usage and relevance. While this constant evolution may come with challenges for businesses, it also opens up new opportunities for exciting marketing strategies!

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Facebook’s Strategic Shifts: 

Despite what many think, Facebook remains the biggest social media platform by usage. In 2024, the platform is prioritising messaging and short-form video content, such as Reels. It is particularly closing in on their ‘Click to Message’ Ads, to connect with consumers through messaging platforms directly. This aims to break the B2C barriers and build personal relationships with consumers.

Furthermore, across the Meta platforms, Reels get around 200 billion views a day (who else feels responsible for about a billion of them?). This makes them a great tool for increasing engagement and visibility!

Facebooks Strategic Shifts / Amber Mountain Marketing / Evolution of Social Media in 2024

Instagram’s Evolution: 

Instagram also remains a key social media platform in 2024. Like its sister company, it will continue to praise those posting reels by pushing them out further to increase engagement. We know making video content can feel like a drag, but if you want to maximise your Instagram presence, it is not a feature to neglect. Fortunately, we’re gearing up for an upcoming event where we’ll dive into topics like video content, Reels, and TikTok. Click here to discover how we can assist you!

A bit of advice – do not forget about Threads! It’s presenting new ways to connect with your audience that we haven’t seen since the rise (and fall) of Twitter (X). X has been a great tool in forecasting how this style of platform can facilitate your business interactions successfully – threads is one to think about.

Instagrams Evolution / Amber Mountain Marketing

The Unpredictability of X: 

Carrying on with X, Elon Musk’s experimental social app, we can see how it presents a unique opportunity for marketers. With a focus on premium subscriptions, reduced competition, and video-centric content, X offers a platform for innovative marketing strategies.  

With that being said, X has started to share fewer analytics on their daily usage making the benefits of this ambiguous. However, incorporating a variety of social media tools into your strategy is always a positive for reaching various audiences. 

The Unpredictability of X / Amber Mountain Marketing / The Predicted Evolution of Social Media Platforms in 2024

A Breakdown of TikTok’s Tactics: 

TikTok, the app of the moment, is recalibrating its efforts to maintain momentum. In 2024, the platform emphasises in-stream sales, live-streaming, and creator partnerships.

Every few videos on the platform are now live streams, usually a business selling a product or a service. Hand-in-hand with this is the rise in the TikTok shop. Sellers have reported increased engagement on their videos that include links to products. Brands can leverage these features to market and sell their services, whilst also increasing overall engagement and reach. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a bit of TikTok?

Tiktoks Strategic Shifts / Amber Mountain Marketing

LinkedIn’s Professional Focus: 

LinkedIn remains a powerful tool for B2B social media marketing, offering opportunities for personal brand visibility and leadership. Features like newsletters, collaborative articles, and video content present avenues for brands to connect with professionals and drive engagement. 

Since the interest in X has reduced, LinkedIn is seemingly a quiet winner, with businesses re-focusing their professional endeavours on LinkedIn.

Linkedin's Professional Focus / Amber Mountain Marketing

Pinterest’s Shopping Focus: 

With its growing user base focused on shopping, Pinterest presents a profitable opportunity for retailers. In 2024, the platform will enhance catalogue ingestion, introduce new ad types, and emphasise creative collages. Retailers can leverage these features to showcase products and drive conversions. 

Although Pinterest is more of a niche marketing tool for businesses, it is definitely worth a brainstorm as to how it can be incorporated into your strategy. 

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Pinterest's Shopping Foucs / Amber Mountain Marketing

In conclusion, social media and marketing trends are guaranteed to change, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses. By staying informed and adaptable, marketers can navigate the landscape of social media platforms successfully. Leveraging emerging trends can drive brand success in 2024 and beyond. 

One last question, are you team Reels or team TikTok?