The Benefits Of Doing An Internship

Whilst studying at university, you can have the great opportunity to do an internship.

Unlike work experience, which is often ad-hoc with no real set tasks, an internship comes with a specific job role. This means that you can gain experience in the industry that you’re already studying in.

Internships can last anything between a few weeks to a whole year, depending on your university degree and the company that you intern with. Some internships can be part-time to fit in with your studies, but most will require you to take a year out of studies to work full-time.

Benefits Of Doing An Internship

Internships can vary depending on what degree you are studying for. However, all internships are extremely beneficial and come with many benefits.

Apply your skills

What better way than taking what you have learned at university than applying them to real-life work? Getting the chance to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learned at university will help you develop them further. It will also kickstart your career as you’re one step ahead!

Hands on experience

Doing an internship will ensure that you gain first-hand experience you’re your chosen industry and will give you a one-up when applying for jobs once you have graduated. You will also have a better understanding of how the industry operates and how you will thrive within the workplace.


By working in a professional environment, you will mix and create relationships with like-minded professionals, this may be useful when job hunting after university. You may even find people to give you references for the future.

Job opportunities

Employers are more likely to hire interns once they have completed their degree as they will already understand how you fit in within their business. However, if you don’t finish with any offers, don’t be disheartened. Having an internship on your CV will demonstrate that you are hard-working and committed to your industry.

Doing an Internship at Amber Mountain Marketing

At Amber Mountain, we love our interns, and we are always on the lookout for more to join our amazing team!

Our interns cover everything from social media management, newsletter creation, and SEO to event planning and marketing databases. They will also work with a range of clients within a variety of industries- meaning that no two days are the same!

Amber Mountain Marketing internships are fantastic for getting that first-hand experience of digital marketing. So, if you would like to find out more, click here.

Words From Our Interns

Intern Feedback | Benefits of Internships | Amber Mountain Marketing
Intern Feedback | Benefits of Internships | Amber Mountain Marketing