How To Maximise Success Through The Power Of Video Marketing

Whilst video marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies to use, it’s one that many businesses can be hesitant to implement. Whether it’s not knowing what videos to film or not knowing where to post them, it’s a strategy that can be overwhelming. In this blog, we’re going to be simplifying how you can maximise success through video into four sections: Why, What, Where and How.

How To Maximise Success Through The Power Of Video | Amber Mountain | Digital Marketing Services

Why is Video Marketing beneficial?

When it comes to the power of video marketing the stats speak for themselves. That’s why, to show you the influence video can have, we’re going to share just some of the results people have seen from using video marketing.

  1. Video content can contribute to a 157% increase in organic traffic for your landing pages.
  2. Call-to-actions get 380% more slicks when placed in videos.
  3. 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing.
  4. Video content is proven to be 1200% more effective than other forms of marketing content.

Where can video marketing be used?

Instagram Reel

With a current maximum duration of 90 seconds, Instagram Reels remain a popular way to share video content. The best-performing Reels sit between 7-15 seconds and all Reels should be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels.

TikTok Video

With a maximum duration of 10 minutes, TikTok is a great way to team video content and a look into the behind-the-scenes of your business. Similar to Instagram Reels, the dimensions of TikTok videos are 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. Whilst there is 10 minutes of available time, TikTok’s with the highest engagement are between 21-34 seconds.

YouTube Video

As a popular search engine itself, YouTube videos have been a great way to share video marketing for years. YouTube offers a platform to share much longer form content. You can share 15 minutes of video when unverified and up to 12 hours of video when verified. Generally, the ideal video length is between 7-15 minutes, however, once you have built an engaged community you can experiment with longer videos.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are a fairly new type of video. They have to be between 15-60 seconds with the ideal length sitting between 25-35 seconds. They follow Instagram Reels and TikToks with their portrait 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels dimension.


LinkedIn is often a platform where people don’t share their video marketing but video performs very well on there. You can post videos up to 10 minutes long and the ideal time is between 30-90 seconds. Whilst you can post videos in various formats, the ideal dimensions are 1080 pixels x 1350 pixels.


You can share videos in two ways on Facebook, a Reel and a Facebook Video. The Reel format follows the same as Instagram Reels. However, Facebook Videos are slightly different. You can post up to 240 minutes of video content but high-performing videos sit much shorter at 22-30 seconds long. Just like LinkedIn, you can post Facebook videos in a range of sizes but the best dimension is 1280 pixels x 720 pixels.


Sharing video marketing to your website is a great way to build engagement time. There is no maximum time limit but it’s often best to keep it short at around 60-90 seconds. Due to computer screen sizing, the best dimension is video which is a 16:9 ratio.


With email marketing being another one of the best-performing marketing strategies right now, including video can really help you create more engaging emails and newsletters. You can input videos up to 15 minutes long but ideally, you’d like it between 30-60 seconds. Again, like websites, the dimension that’s best is a 16:9 ratio.

How To Maximise Success Through The Power Of Video | Amber Mountain | Digital Marketing Services

What videos can I post on these platforms?

Instagram – User Generated Content, Tutorials, Vlogs, Collages, Lives

YouTube – News, Tutorials, Podcasts, Reviews, Interviews

YouTube Shorts – Quick Tips, Fun Facts, Mini Tutorials, Teasers, Trends

TikTok – Challenges, Memes, Hacks, Behind the Scenes, Announcements, Trends, User Generated Content

Facebook – Behind the Scenes, Testimonials, Q&As, Advertisements, Lives

LinkedIn – Industry Trends, News, Webinars, Interviews, Tips

How To Maximise Success Through The Power Of Video | Amber Mountain | Digital Marketing Services

How to make a video

Our top three tools for video creation are Canva, Opus Clip, and CapCut.

Canva Features:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Video Editing
  2. Real-Time Collaboration
  3. Editing Tools: Includes capabilities to resize, trim, and crop videos
  4. Transitions
  5. Captions and Text Overlay
  6. Multiple Audio Tracks

Opus Clip Features:

  1. Extracts highlights of video and rearranges them into cohesive, viral short videos.
  2. You can create videos 10x faster
  3. Example – upload your podcasts and get reels and short videos to promote the podcast

CapCut Features:

  1. Popular TikTok Templates
  2. Speed adjustments, music integration
  3. Adds stickers, text, effects, filters to videos
  4. Converts Text to speech
  5. Trusted on TikTok (pushed on TikTok fyp)

Now you know the Why, Where, What, and How of video marketing. It’s time to get started! Before you do though, here are some of our top tips:

  1. Plan your video before filming it
  2. Ensure you have clear audio, good lighting, and a stable camera
  3. Choose a good location with a great background
  4. Add audio, subtitles, and graphics to your video
  5. Don’t worry about ensuring it’s professional – authentic videos perform better
  6. Start small and set goals
  7. Just make a start!
How To Maximise Success Through The Power Of Video | Amber Mountain | Digital Marketing Services

Video content is a huge part of our marketing implementation packages. The best part is we film, edit, and post all the video content for you! To find out more about these packages, get in touch here.