How To Increase Engagement On Social Media

Social Media is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to helping businesses connect with leads and customers. It offers you a way to reach your audience no matter where they spend their time. In the world of social media, engagement is important but few businesses know how they can encourage more engagement on their posts.

Here are some tips that you can use to boost engagement on your social media posts🚀

How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement | Amber Mountain Marketing

What is Social Media engagement?

Engagement is when an individual interacts with your brand’s social media account. It can come through many different ways such as likes, follows, shares, comments, reposts and clicks.

Your engagement is crucial as it helps strengthen your customer relationships. When a customer engages with you on social media, it allows you to understand them better and therefore build relationships with them. For example, you understand what content they like and don’t like to see.

Did you know the average engagement rate for all post types on Instagram is 0.71%. It’s 0.59% for photo posts, 1.26% for carousel posts, and 1.23% for Instagram Reels. So the first step to improving your engagement rate is to utilise the more engaging content types like Reels and Carousels.

Post Relatable Social Media Content

Posting relatable content is a powerful strategy to boost engagement and connect with your audience effectively.

When you share current and relevant content, it captures the attention of your followers, encouraging them to like, comment, and share your posts. Relatable content can be informative, entertaining, visually appealing, or emotive. The main thing is that it stands out and makes people feel like they can relate.

By consistently providing valuable and engaging content, you create a loyal follower base, encourage discussions, and attract new users who are interested in your posts.

Additionally, relatable content is more likely to go viral, reaching a broader audience and increasing your visibility!

Show Your Personality on Social Media

In order to be engaging with your followers, you need to show your personality. By sharing opinions and opening discussions, you’re more likely to appeal to your followers.

When people are scrolling through social media they’re looking for genuine content and real-life discussions. That’s why having a personality behind your brand and not being afraid to show it is a key part of any social media strategy.

Use Humour in Your Content

Incorporating humour into your content is a great way to increase engagement. Funny posts will grab the attention of your audience and make your content more memorable.

Humour adds a human touch, which will make your brand relatable and likeable. When people enjoy your content, they are more likely to like, share, and comment on your post.

Increase Social Media Posting Frequency

Increasing the amount of posts you put out across social media can boost engagement. This is because it increases your visibility in users’ feeds, reinforcing brand awareness, and encouraging regular interactions.

A more active presence shows commitment, leading to a stronger connection with followers and creating a more engaged community around your brand.

However, there is a fine line between posting frequently and bombarding your followers. So, if you’re posting a lot of content just make sure it’s genuine, relatable content.

Use Keywords in Your Posts

Using keywords in your content is a simple yet effective way to boost engagement. Keywords make your posts discoverable to a wider audience interested in similar topics, increasing visibility and attracting new followers.

Social media optimisation is a key element of a social media marketing strategy. With more and more users utilising their social accounts as a search platform, keywords will help you stand out in these searches!

How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement | Amber Mountain Marketing

There are some tips that you can use to help boost the engagement on your social media posts! If you would like further support, don’t hesitate to contact us!