Everything you need to know to become a pro at Instagram Videos

Last year Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced they will be putting more of a focus on Instagram’s video features and boy have we seen that!

After the impact TikTok has had on social media and digital activity, video content is more important than ever! In fact, 91% of Instagram users have been reported watching videos on the platform on a weekly basis.

So, today we’re going to share everything you need to know to become a pro at creating and posting Instagram videos…

Types of Instagram videos (+sizing for each one)

There are various ways you can upload video content to Instagram: Reels, Live, IGTV, and Stories.

Reels – Instagram Reels are designed for short video content. There is a separate part of Instagram dedicated to finding and posting reels, however, they also show up in the feed too.

Live – You can go live on Instagram to create a Live video which you can then save to your page.

IGTV – Instagram TV is used for longer videos, and they help to make watching a video more immersive. Where Instagram traditionally only used square image content, IGTV’s allowed you to go full screen when watching a video. They also still appear in the feed.

Stories – Instagram stories only last 24 hours but you can keep them on your page by adding them to your highlights.

Instagram Video Sizing Chart | Digital Marketing | Amber Mountain Marketing

Tips for creating and posting video content on Instagram

Make your reels trendy

When making Instagram Reels, it’s always worth looking into what’s trending. Hopping onto trends is a great way to reach more audiences.

Subtitle all your video content

You’d be surprised at how many people watch Instagram videos without their sound on. Therefore, you should add subtitles to your videos for everybody to be able to access them.

Add music to your reels

Adding music to your Reels makes them more engaging but will also boost your views. The music element to Reels is extremely important and you can use trending audios to boost your video.

Ensure your wording will be seen on the feed

If you’re adding any captions to your video, ensure they’re within the centre square of the video. This means that people will be able to see them on your page and will avoid them being cut off.

Live Instagram Video | Digital Marketing | Amber Mountain Marketing

Benefits of posting video content on Instagram

Instagram will organically push your post

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, Instagram is making an effort to push video content more than ever. This means if you’re utilising videos as part of your digital marketing strategy, you’ll naturally get your content pushed further!

Build relationships with potential customers

Videos are an amazing way to build relationships with current and potential customers. It helps create a bond and trust between your business and its clients.

Get more engagement

Video content is proven to stand out more on a digital platform and therefore will get more engagement. Whether that’s views, likes, or comments – you’re bound to see an increase in interest when using videos.

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Video | Digital Marketing | Amber Mountain Marketing

Don’t forget, we can help you create and post engaging videos on your Instagram page. If you want to get involved but you’re struggling to get started, get in touch here.