Are you wasting your money on your Marketing?

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I have been meeting with a fair few businesses lately and I always ask them the question, “what marketing do you do?”  Quite often people feel bad when they answer “none”.  Why feel bad?  Your business is doing great and you’re not using any marketing tools!  This is actually a huge achievement.  But just think about how big your business could be if you did!

Other businesses I speak to who are using marketing tools and spending quite a bit of money, I might add, can’t answer the question ‘What’s your return on investment?’  I struggle with this answer as I hate to see businesses wasting their hard earned money.  If you are paying someone to do your social media, Adwords, SEO, Website Analytics and any other type of marketing service they should all be providing your business with results and feedback that you understand.

If you are someone who pays for a service and you do not know EXACTLY what it’s doing for your business, I want you to think about why that is?  Are you scared to ask?  Are they providing you high tech answers that makes you feel like you’re out of touch?  Or have you just paid them and hope it works?

I get it, as a business owner it’s hard to be on top of everything but it’s so important to make sure you’re reaching your potential customer base.  This is your money and your opportunity to grow. You need to be on the ball and understand exactly what it’s doing to grow your business.

So, if you are unsure pick up the phone to your provider today and ask.  I would be upset if my clients were not asking me these questions.  I want my clients to understand exactly what it is that I am doing for their business and why.  Your investment in marketing should always be bringing you more business.  Please don’t pay for a ‘finger’s crossed’ service. With so many ways to measure marketing activity these days, you should be paying for clear and measured results.