Top Tips for staying positive in the Corona crisis

With the majority of the world in a current state of fear and panic, Tia loves to help the Amber Mountain team with her mindset and suggests the only way we can fight this is to be positive! Don’t worry, we completely understand it’s not that simple, which is why Tia is going to share our office’s top tips of how to maintain a positive and motivated mindset! Tia is by far our biggest positivity motivator in the office so take a look at her amazing blog on keeping you going in these uncertain times.

Before you start taking on any of these tips, it’s important to remember that you need to accept the situation you’re in. It may feel a bit overwhelming but as soon as you understand what you can and can’t do to change your circumstances, the sooner you will be able to feel positive!

Tip 1 – Make weekly goals

Every week, without fail, we make weekly goals in the office. These goals are in place to ensure we have a productive week, being productive will bring up your spirits and make you feel more positive. We choose to make a business goal and a personal goal so that we feel we’re progressing in all areas of our life! Amber Mountain’s top tip is to make these goals specific, as you’re much more likely to achieve a goal if it’s specific. For example, do you want to catch up with previous clients? Write down how you will catch up with them – via email or phone call – and how many clients you will catch up with. Then at the end of the week, see if you’ve achieved your weekly goals… if you have, then a G&T is in order and if you haven’t that’s okay, look at why you didn’t achieve it and carry it on to next week.

If you’re going to try out weekly goals, find someone to do it with you because having someone else to hold you accountable to undoubtably going to make you work harder!

Tip 2 – Make daily wins

A win is something that you’ve done well or has made you happy – whether that’s writing an amazing blog or enjoying 5 minutes peace in the sun! We write down a win every day so that when we feel we’ve had a bad day we can look back and say actually I’ve done this today! Daily wins are just a small way of keeping you positive every day and then when you look at them all written down after a week or a month you realise that you’re achieving great things, which is great for a positive mindset!

Don’t limit yourself at daily wins though! Emma likes to do a win per hour advised by her business coach Jeremy Graham-Clare to keep her motivated, especially whilst working from home and teaching the kids at the minute!

Tip 3 – Plan out your day

Planning out your day in the morning is proven to save you from time wasting throughout the day. Therefore, take 15 minutes every morning to write out your to-do list and include timings. This gives you something to hold you accountable. For example, if you were meant to finish task one by 10am and it’s now 10:15am your list will give you the push you need to get it finished and move onto the next task. The feeling of seeing all your tasks ticket off is a brilliant way to switch off at the end of the day and carry your positivity through to the evening!

Our top tip is to make sure you include enough time for regular short breaks away from the desk too!

Tip 4 – Express what you’re grateful for

This task isn’t necessarily one to do daily or weekly but, whenever you’re feeling a little negative write down everything that you’re grateful for. From certain experiences to work achievements to family time, make sure you include every little thing on this list. Once you’ve written the list you will start to appreciate these things a little more which is an amazing positivity boost.

Tip 5 – Utilise your social life and support networks

Doing any of the tips above with someone else will naturally increase your positivity, whether it’s with friends, family or colleagues. As we said, we create weekly goals, discuss daily wins and plan our days together, as an office via zoom. We find this great as it means everyone is aware when someone is feeling particularly worried or stressed and they will then help out wherever possible. Socialising with others and speaking to them for support is a fantastic way of increasing positivity as it means you’re not suffering alone. So, do make sure that you bring other people along this journey to a more positive mindset with you!

Tip 6 – Exercise regularly, eat healthy and get plenty of sleep

This tip is the basic tip that you’ll find everywhere however, we wanted to include it because they are so important! A lot of our office’s personal goals consist of exercising 3-5 times a week, getting a full 8 hours sleep or drinking 2 litres of water a day because sometimes you need that nudge to look after yourself properly. Your goals don’t have to be the same straight away… you may start with aiming to go on a walk twice a week and at least getting 6 hours sleep a day, whatever works for you and your lifestyle! Without these basic rules of self-care there’s no way you’ll feel motivated to maintain a positive mindset.

We can assure you that feeding these tips into your daily or weekly routine is going to improve your productivity and your overall positivity. However, in these quite frankly mad times, we are all going to have our bad days and that’s okay!  Just don’t beat yourself up about it!  We are all human.   Try to get a good night’s sleep, ready to wake up the next day and put your positivity pants firmly back on. WE GOT THIS!!!  

Please tag us on a post on social media or let us know whenever you try any of these tips as we’d love to help you stay positive!