Emma started working with Utility People over 3 years ago now and she has been instrumental in moving our business to the next level. When she came into our business she very quickly saw we were a bit different to other recruiters and encouraged us to get that out to the marketplace. Emma completely rebranded us introduced us to values and implemented a new website and logo. It was great to finally be able to push our message externally through a brand!

Emma really understands our passion for being more than just a recruiter and has helped us get that message out there through social media, various blog content, whitepapers and most recently a Women’s Network to support our candidates. Clients come to us now because they can see we are different to our competitors and in reality we do not even see them as competition anymore! Needless to say profits have increased dramatically and marketing is now a very big part of our business.

Angela Peart, Utility People

From doing some small events like house parties through word of mouth. Emma encouraged us to think bigger. She set us up a website and helped us with content that would attract more clients. We now work with Herts University and the Albans Arena for events and have regular clients. Summers are now very popular and we love the ideas Emma comes up with to entice people to try out our mobile cocktail service.

David Adams, Shaken n Stirred

After launching my personal training business, I was a bit unsure of what I should be posting on my social media and how to attract people to work with me. Emma invited me to a strategic planning review and she really helped me analyse who my customer was and how I can target them by really thinking about what it is they need from me as PT. She is continuously helping me with content and given me a really good plan going forward which has really helped to boost my business.

Debbie Morton, DAMFITPT

Having set up Silverhill Cattery, I was struggling to build my customer base in the local area. Working with Emma I soon realised the importance of social media and interacting with my current and future customers. She helped me set up social media accounts and made my website more user friendly. I can’t believe the impact it has had. I’m currently building new chalets to keep up with the customer bookings!

Sam Ward, Silverhill Cattery