One Page Marketing Plan

Are you a new business trying to give your brand a well-deserved head start? Or an existing company looking to give your brand more recognition to bring in new leads? Well having a Marketing Plan is a great way to make sure you know how you are going to increase your brand awareness and sales for at least the next year!

Marketing Plans are so important for businesses, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to write, so we have outlined some of the most important parts of a Marketing Plan and how you can write them.

One Page Marketing Plan

Utilise our easy One Page template to understand what you want from your marketing, what steps you are going to take and what to return on investment to expect.

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Marketing strategy will impact every piece of your business and it should be tied to every piece of your business.

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A Marketing Plan is there to outline your companies marketing strategies, with the focus being on reaching your vision, mission and business goals.

A Marketing Plan covers the following:

  • An overview of your business’s marketing and advertising goals.
  • Your business’s current marketing including vision and mission.
  • Description of your business’s target market and customer needs.
  • An Action Plan of how you are going to get there

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