What is Internal Marketing and why it is vital in building your business

When I talk to people about marketing they often bring up expensive advertising, logos on average giveaways, countless campaigns and how they feel it’s a waste of money. I hear ‘waste of money’ a lot and it frustrates me no end. Mainly, because for me, it’s not all about huge advertising campaigns and logos on pens.  I know many businesses invest heavily in all the above, but this should be the last thing on your mind when you start a marketing strategy.  If you are not investing your time into the internal marketing everything else could be considered a waste of money.

At the start of any marketing audit the focus should be on Internal Marketing. But what is it?  Internal Marketing ensures everyone in the business is on the same page. Everyone understands the business objectives and why the company does what it does. If the owners are on one page and the employees are on another, everything they do within the business is going to be a constant uphill struggle.

I have gone into many a company and spoke to different people in the organisation and they all have completely different views on the business vision and its goals and objectives. These mixed messages will only filter through to your potential customers, which weakens your brand and the customer buying experience.

Internal marketing ensures your employees are happy and truly understand why they go to work every day and what impact their role has in the company’s overall vision.  Your employees should be living and breathing your company values and are the vital ingredient in building your business.  To enable this, they need to be included in every step of your journey and understand why the directors of the businesses are doing everything they do.

This isn’t a small fix and it involves team meetings, team work, training and continuous 1-2-1s, ensuring your staff are ambassadors for your business.  It is crucial in delivering the best possible customer experience.

So, think about this before you spend out on your external marketing as you may be able to find new customers, however, without your brand ambassadors delivering an outstanding service you probably won’t keep them for long.

For me the focus on Internal marketing should constantly be top of the list.  I want employees to be proud to work for their business and be shouting from the roof tops as to why they love their company.  There is no better marketing than that!

So, when you think Marketing, think about your team and how they are working for your business.  They are your biggest asset to building and sustaining your brand and need investment first.  This is in fact Marketing, and when you are investing in your people to be better and happier in their roles, Marketing should never be classed as a waste of money.