Have You Got A Marketing Plan?

“A marketing plan is a comprehensive document that outlines a company’s overall marketing effort. It is a blueprint that outlines how a company will implement its marketing strategy, and use a combination of resources to achieve business objectives including sales targets or customer acquisition.” – www.syndicateroom.com

As a business, you have goals and targets that you want to reach and a marketing plan creates small stepping-stones to achieve this. So much time is wasted with many of us thinking ‘hmmmmm what should I post on social media this week?’ You then find yourself spending too much time thinking about it and end up settling for posts, ad hoc, in the hope that it might work but in reality, have very little reference to your overall goals and objectives.  A marketing plan helps to prevent procrastination and gives your business focus, analysing exactly what it is you need to do to elevate your business to the next level.


Allows your business to proactively reach its goals with aligned marketing activities

Having a plan provides strategies that will focus your business, enabling it to reach its goals and objectives.  Every time you have a good idea you should ask yourself the question ‘does this align with my goals and objectives?’  Sometimes we can all go off on a tangent that, more often than not, isn’t beneficial for the business.   The plan is there as your instruction manual to provide you with a step by step guide to focus on reaching your goals.

Gives your business and staff a clear shared path

The plan ensures everyone in the business is on the same page and working towards your goals and objectives.  This direction allows them to understand their purpose in the business and gives them the daily focus to work hard, allowing your company to operate more efficiently.

Saves you time and money

When you sit down and write your marketing plan you will want to put some serious thought into it. You may hire an expert or work closely with management and thoroughly research your competition and best practices. You will analyse your past marketing activities and remove unproductive expenditure. If you don’t sit down and assess what is going to work for your business you will continue to waste money and time on ad-hoc campaigns.  Writing a plan allows you to stay on track and most importantly stay on budget.

Having a plan means your goals and objectives are measurable

Once you have a marketing plan you have a framework for your year, but the beauty of a marketing plan is it gives you an opportunity to review and measure your progress daily, weekly or monthly.  If you lose focus its there as a guide and if something isn’t working it will provide you with the opportunity to tweak your plan and re-evaluate the next steps to reach your goals.

By taking time out to develop a marketing plan you are building a strategy to grow your business and create a business set for success. If you don’t have one, I urge you to make this a focus in your business. A goal without a plan is just a wish.