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Google My Business – Why it is so important to have a profile?

More and more emphasis is being placed on making sure your Google My Business profile is active and up-to-date.

Local SEO Importance

Google My Business | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

From an SEO point of view, Google My Business is extremely important for Local SEO. Taking Google as the example, most people when they search will use what is suggested to them for example ‘seo services near me’. This will then bring up the companies near to where you live.

Set up Profile correctly

Google My Business | Insights | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

By making sure you have filled in all of the details in your profile, uploading images, adding a few posts then Google will start to properly display your listing when people are searching.

What is important to remember is what is highlighted in the pie-chart. People are not necessarily looking for your company, they are looking for a category, product or service.

Bearing this in mind it is very important to have all of your products and services listed, it means that you are likely to get found within search.

Remember there are really only two ways you will be found in a search engine – someone searching for your Company by name or someone searching for a service or product that is provided by you

Listing Products is important

Google My Business Product Listing  | Insights | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

If you have a shop, then list some of your products so that they will appear against your Google My Business profile. If you set up tracking correctly then you will then be able to see these sales as referrals in Google Analytics

Hints and Tips

Some hints and tips that I’ve found to help you with your profile: –

– It is not good practice to set your opening hours as 24 hours – unless you are actually open 24 hours!

– In the images add your logo! This will appear in the top left of your GMB profile

– If you offer Services, list these so people can see what you do

– If you have a Shop then add some products. These can link through to your shop