Google Analytics Definitions

Google Analytics is a massively important tool for understanding your customer journey and what your customers actually want from your business.

However, it can be very confusing to understand what everything means, so we have put together some basic google analytics definitions to help you understand what data you are looking at.


Users: “Unique visitors”, or a person who has come to your website.

Sessions: “Visits”, or different times that person came to your site.

New vs Returning:

New visitors: Those who go to your site for the first time on a specific device.

Retuning Visitors: Those who have come back to the website more than once on the same device.

Frequency vs Recency:

Count of Session: How many sessions returning visitors made

Days since last session: Days between last session closed and new session opened

Average Page Per Visits: Number of pages (on average) people look at on each visit to the website (if this is low, add more call to action buttons on the pages people are most likely to visit)

Bounce Rate:Meaning a visitor enters your website and immediately exits (if this is high, check the design, the rendering on mobile, and how slow your site loads)

  • If it is low or 0% it may mean that analytics is not installed on the website correctly
  • 26% – 40% is Excellent
  • 41%-55% is Average
  • 56%-70% is Higher than Average (higher or expected if the website is a 1 page website)

Devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet):

  • If your visits from mobile are high, make sure the site is optimised correctly for mobile, same with desktop/tablet.


Social: Visitors who come to your website from a social network

Direct: Visitors who come to your website without a traceable referral source, such as typing your URL into their address bar or using a bookmark on their browser

Organic Search: Visitors who come to your website after searching and other search engines

Referral: Visitors who come to your website from another website by clicking on a link

Other: If you use URL parameters for custom campaign tracking (Campaign URL Builder), the traffic linked to those campaigns is listed here

Paid: Visitors who come to your website from an AdWords or other paid search ad


Behaviour Flow: Shows the journey of the customer from the point of entry to the point of exit

Site Content: Shows pages that have been most visited in the time period selected (Home page will most likely be the most visited page)