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Our Digital Marketing Packages are implemented by our apprentices making it more cost effective for your business and meaning we can help support and train the future generations.

We provide you with your very own dedicated marketing team, consisting of your own apprentice, trained and managed by us, and access to two highly experienced marketeers.

They will create and implement a strategy tailor-made for your business, giving you:

  • A greater understanding of your customers and their needs.
  • An analysis of the market and your competitors.
  • Achievable goals and objectives.
  • Concrete steps, including a social media strategy, to target customers and get your sales funnel working effectively.

Our Digital Marketing Packages are a versatile service which can include:

Marketing Plan | Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire
A Tailored Marketing Plan
Outlining your business vision and specific goals giving you realistic targets to aim for through all your marketing tasks
Social Media Marketing | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire
Social Media Marketing
Including graphical and written content, group posting, content planning and follower building to help generate leads for your business
Website Content Refresh | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire
Website Content Refresh
Updating your websites content, including blog writing, alt tags and images all with the aim of increasing your websites SEO ranking
Email Marketing | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire
Email Marketing
Helping you develop a growing database while designing and sending regular newsletters and feedback forms to nurture leads for your business.
Google Analytics | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire
Looking through your website and social media to help you understand what works well and what can be improved
Communications | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire
Weekly and Monthly calls keeping you up to date with all of our progress, as well as getting your input on the content giving you full control of what your business publishes

And much more depending on the wants and needs of your business!

Our Case Studies

Prolongevity | Prediabetes | Type 2 Diabetes | Hypertension | Hertfordshire
Uskuri Theobald Architects | Architects | Hertfordshire
Alternative Bridging Corporation | Commercial Loans | Residential Loans | Development Finance

Our Team

Emma Ellis | Managing Director | Amber Mountain Marketing

Emma Ellis | Managing Director

An award-winning Chartered Marketer with over 13 years’ experience in various roles, Emma has proven strategic and organisational change success in transforming businesses and taking them to the next level. She is a communication specialist who helps businesses explain their key value to present and future customers.

Connect with Emma

Tamzin Klyen | Marketing Manager | Amber Mountain Marketing

Tamzin Klyen | Marketing Manager

Tamzin is an experience Marketing Specialist and our social media guru, who is also highly skilled in WordPress, Linkedln Marketing, Email Marketing, Websites, Design and Business Development.

As our Marketing Manager, she prides herself on great customer service and experience working with a variety of start ups and SME’s as well as corporate services companies. Her experience has led her into marketing strategy and Tamzin loves nothing more helping clients with fresh ideas and strategies to help businesses grow.

Connect with Tamzin

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