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Understanding your ideal customer is vital to making sure your marketing efforts are beneficial to your business, if you don’t understand who they are, you could be targetting the right people with the wrong message or vice versa.

Knowing who your ideal customer is means you know what their lifestyle is like, what platforms they use, what way they like to be approached, and even the paint points you can solve for them. 

To figure out who your ideal customer is, we have created a handy downloadable for you:  

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Customer Persona Template | Free Marketing Resources | Digital Marketing Agency | Amber Mountain Marketing
Customer Persona Template | Free Marketing Resource | Digital Marketing Solutions | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire
Understanding Your Ideal Customer | Marketing Blog | Digital Marketing Solutions | Amber Mountain Marketing | Hertfordshire

Who is your ideal customer?

A customer persona is a character that is created to represent your ideal customer/client, that would purchase your product/service.

Our Customer Personas looks at Characteristics, Personal Life, Work Life, Communication and Frustations. And makes you look at how your product/service can solve their pain points.

Our customer persona template is a completely free resource for you to download and fill in yourself, giving you the opportunity to really understand who your customer are.

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