Creating The Brand You Need

Your brand is what people recognise about your business, it’s your logo, colours, fonts, and the way you present your business.

Brand can be a hard of your business to get right, but it is essential to growing your business and reaching your audience.

So, we have put together some of our tips on creating the brand you need!

1. Vision, Mission, Values

Your vision, mission and values are the core elements of what your business is going to do, what your business stands for and where you want to the business to go.

Vision – Think of the big picture of your business. Imagine it is 5 years from now and your business is successful. What does that look like?

Mission – What do you do in your business? Who do you do it for? How do you do it? How does it help them? Now write your mission statement in one sentence!

Values – What does your business stand for? It’s time to dig deep. Ultimately, you want your branding/business to attract people with the same beliefs and values.

2. Define your brand

Defining your brand means understanding what you want the voice and tone of your business to be. Understanding what is at the heart of your brand’s style, content, and personality will help a lot in the process of creating your mood board, choosing your colours, fonts, and more.

One way to do this is use keywords, so sit back and think of ten words that come to mind when you think of your business.

3. Audience

You want your audience to feel like they belong with you and your business. In order to achieve that, you need to know exactly who they are, and everything about them.

A great way to do this is to use a Customer Persona template, to help you understand your ideal customers demographics, characteristics, interests, frustrations, and tone.

4. Mood Board

A mood board is a great way to visualise what you want your brand to look and feel like. Creating your mood board is a fundamental part of the process of creating a brand that attracts the right people to your business.

An easy way to do this is by creating a secret board on Pinterest and pinning different colours, textures, photos, logos etc (aim to get between 10 and 20 images)

5. Brand Visuals

Now you can take a deeper dive into the visuals of your brand by choosing up to 5 brand colours, made up of neutral colours, dominant colours, and one accent colour.

Then choose a font combination, make sure you chose fonts that reflect the personality of your brand.

Next, you can decide if you want any patterns, textures, illustrations or icons in you brand visuals.

Lastly, you can create your logo, aim to keep it simple and in harmony with your branding. You can use pinterest or google to have a look at logos ideas, having this clear in your mind really helps with the logo design whether you outsource or create your own logo using Canva, Photoshop etc.

Having an easily recognisable brand will make potential customers trust you more, and give a good impression of your product/service before they have brought it. If you are still struggling with this contact us and we can send you our branding workbook to enable you to really drill down and focus on exactly what your brand and business is all about.