Are you using the correct social media platforms for your target audience?

Social Media, can be a total minefield. With new platforms popping up and updates and changes to current platforms happening all the time, we can understand why people shy away from them. The common theme we find with our clients that are active on social is they use the platform they like the most, and that’s great if your client is using that platform but what if they are not? You could spend a year on Facebook promoting your business and trying to get your name out there but in actual fact, your ideal client spends the majority of their time on LinkedIn or Instagram.  

We often get ‘LinkedIn scares me’ or ‘I don’t get Instagram’ but in all honesty, if you don’t know where your dream clients are and don’t get to grips with the right platform you are indeed just wasting valuable time and energy. Which in turn will not give you the results or sales you desire. We want you to really think about where your clients are if you are B2B what are you doing on LinkedIn right now? If you are targeting the under 30’s it’s all about Instagram, YouTube, and dare we say it TikTok! 

However, it is also about considering that just because your business may be B2B it doesn’t automatically mean your client is going to be on LinkedIn, so it’s really important to understand where your clients hang out to determine which platforms you should be on! It’s also really important to work out how they communicate. For example, a lot of places like hairdressers will arrange appointments via Facebook Messenger, but we highly doubt a recruitment agency will set up an interview through Facebook Messenger. So it is about approaching your customers where they are comfortable and where you will get the most engagement from them.

We are urging you all at the minute to really think about your ideal client, what are they doing? What do they like and dislike? Where are they hanging out? And how can you create content that will resonate with them?  It will save you time in the long run and really help you to create engagement which will, in turn, increase your sales leads.  Please please don’t shy away from other platforms, and if you are struggling contact us today. We will happily guide you in the right direction, or even do it for you.