Cook VS Zuck – let’s av it…

Apple Vs Facebook: Why are they in a feud?

Apple and Facebook are currently head-to-head in a big privacy policy feud.

In the left corner, we have Apple! Apple has changed their privacy policy so that iPhone users with the iOS 14 update will have to actively opt in to allow apps to track their data.

In the right corner, we have Facebook! Facebook is frustrated as this will negatively impact their Facebook Advertising services which is a huge part of their income.

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Let’s get to the nitty-gritty…

As it stands, when you download apps onto your iPhone and agree to their terms and conditions, you are actually agreeing to give them access to your data. Who would’ve thought – maybe we should read those 10 pages of terms and conditions after all!

This means that apps such as Facebook can access your data, including your common searches and interests. Even down to what posts you interact with and how long you spend interacting with them! (Thanks to ‘The Social Dilemma‘ Netflix documentary for letting us know that one!). This information is then used in order to give you ads that are targeted specifically to you and your interests.

However, with the new iOS 14 update, users will see a pop-up that informs them that an app wants to track them and they have to physically agree to that. If they choose to agree, then they can still receive personalised ads. If they do not agree, then apps such as Facebook will no longer be able to target them with personalised advertising. Meaning advertisers will no longer want to invest in Facebook.

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Who are you backing?

Let’s learn a bit more about why this is only happening now…

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has defended the new privacy policy by outlining that the change is based on the following. “users should have the choice over the data that is being collected about them and how it’s used”.

However, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has explained his anger lies in the fact that “Apple may say that they’re doing this to help people, but the moves clearly track their competitive interests”. Dan Levy, who runs Facebook’s ad business, has claimed that Apple’s new privacy policy is “about profit, not privacy”. As he explains the change would force some apps to turn to in-app purchases and subscription fees – which Apple could take cuts of up to 30% from.

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How will this change impact me?

There are a couple of ways Apple’s new privacy policy could impact you.

As a consumer, it will mean you now have a choice on whether you’d like your data to be used. However, if you do opt-out then you could find your feed, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, is filled with advertisements of things you have no interest in. So, whether this is a positive to you as a consumer depends on your preferences.

As a business, this could negatively impact the success of your paid advertisements. If people choose to opt-out then this means your ad could be reaching the completely wrong target audience – reducing the return on investment. Facebook has claimed this change could harm small businesses. They have even launched a new website where small businesses are coming forward to share their stories by sharing videos with the hashtag #SpeakUpforSmall.

Who’s going to be crowned champion?

It’s safe to say no winner has been crowned yet as we’re still in the midst of this feud. However, we’ll be keeping up do date on the latest news from Apple and Facebook and keeping you all informed.

Whilst we sit here with the popcorn waiting to see how this pans out, we are grateful our packages consist of mostly organic marketing. So, we fortunately won’t be impacted.  Want to find out more about our packages?