Implementing a Social Media strategy

Initially for Prolongevity we introduced a new social media strategy, changing the way we approached their target audience using the 30/70 rule (70% informative and thought leadership, 30% selling).

New social strategies

  1. Utilise video more
  2. Work with influencers to trial the product/service and talk about the results
  3. Build a community in the form of a Facebook group
  4. Social media plan and consistent posting


  1. Facebook followers increased by 325%
  2. Community success with over 400 members
  3. Hugely active group with high engagement
  4. Sales increased by 350%

Our PRODUCT involves a careful analysis of what triggers YOU to experience blood-sugar spikes. The ProLongevity service involves attaching a continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, to your arm.
We monitor the results via an app, which makes correlations between your diet and blood sugar levels. We analyse those results. After two weeks’ monitoring we can establish which foods are healthy for an individual and which are not.
We then recommend a set of sustainable lifestyle adjustments. Your body is unique, and the ProLongevity philosophy is that your treatment must be too.