Little Nightingales Nursery

In 2019, Emma met Elena, founder and owner of Little Nightingales Nursery based in London Colney. Elena’s daughter Emily worked for the business and was really interested in doing some marketing strategies for the business to help build their client base and connections throughout the community.

So, Emma started doing monthly 1-2-1 Mentoring Meeting’s with Elena and Emily to help them build their business.

Their meetings started off with introducing different strategy ideas to the business including:

  1. Facebook/Facebook Groups
  2. Instagram
  3. Google My Business
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Networking


With all of these strategies, Emma gave them different way to implement them, showing them how to use them along with how to check that it was all helping their business.

This meant that they were able to grow their business, and are now the Leading Children’s Nursery in London Colney and Surrounding areas.