HH Interiors

HH Interiors joined us in June 2020, right in the middle of lockdown. We started off by creating a Marketing Plan that outlined the goals for the marketing along with strategies and understanding what it is that Helen wanted to see from her business over the next 12 months.

Helen had already put a lot of time into looking at who her absolute ideal client was and what their persona looked like, so when it came to understanding the tone, platform and how to reach those clients, we already had a good idea.

Some of the strategies we decided for HH Instyle Interiors were:

  1. Increase PR to build the quality and trust of the brand.
  2. Utilising the social media to build target audiences and engage with the right communities.
  3. Networking with different business and business owners
  4. Create interactive tools that draw people to the website.

Using these strategies, means we have created some amazing progress and success for HH Instyle Interiors, including them now having a 6 week wait list for clients and working on 33 room houses. They have also seen some incredible increase on their website and social media:

  1. 96% Increase in visitors to the website.
  2. 450% Increase in visitors from social media to the website
  3. 606% Increase in the reach of social media posts
  4. X10 Return of Investment
  5. Moved from a Sole trader to a team of four