Cahn Aromatherapy

Our monthly marketing mentoring was the perfect way to go for Tracey at Cahn Aromatherapy.

Tracey wanted to understand how to build her Aromatherapy business and be able to get her products into the construction/estate agency business.

“It’s a weight lifted off me, I don’t need to worry about something that isn’t my skill set” – Tracey Cahn, Cahn Aromatherapy.

When we started working with Tracey, we showed her how to implement, engage and monitor her social media accounts, along with getting to her to network with other businesses and introducing her to some connections within the construction industry.

Tracey really wanted her Aromatherapy products to be featured in new build properties, renovated homes or as a product left after a contract has completed a project in a client’s home.

So, we created multiple strategies of how to get Tracey into these businesses, such as:

  1. Social Media Targeting
  2. Website Content Refresh
  3. Sales Presentation/Pitch


Cahn Aromatherapy have done exactly what they wanted and started working with multiple businesses within the trades sector.

Tracey then moved on to our Marketing Apprentice Packages, where our Apprentices were able to help her business with Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Website Content Refresh and more. And now, here is what Tracey’ clients have to say:

“I have always been a great believer in the completion gift but always struggled to decide between flowers and champagne. These beautifully boxed candles and matches have been superbly received and as I’m beginning to understand, everyone loves a candle”