Google Analytics Definitions

Google Analytics is a massivly important tool for understanding your customer journey and what your customers actually want from your business. However, it can be very confusing to understand what everything means, so we have put together some basic google analytics definitions to help you understand what data you are looking at. AUDIENCE Users: “Unique… Read more »

The Importance of Facebook Groups

There are 2.6 billion monthly active users on Facebook, and every brand is trying to cut through the noise to find their perfect clients. So, you need to find a way to interact with your target audience and a great way of doing this is using Facebook Groups. Our video below from Ellie, talks you… Read more »

Creating The Brand You Need

Your brand is what people recognise about your business, it’s your logo, colours, fonts, and the way you present your business. Brand can be a hard of your business to get right, but it is essential to growing your business and reaching your audience. So, we have put together some of our tips on creating… Read more »

Are you using the correct social media platforms for your target audience?

.  Social Media, can be a total minefield. With new platforms popping up and updates and changes to current platforms happening all the time, we can understand why people shy away from them. The common theme we find with our clients that are active on social is they use the platform they like the most, and… Read more »

Adding Subtitles to Videos using Kapwing

Subtitles are a massively important part of using videos on your social media. Videos without subtitles are only watched 66% to completion, compared to videos with subtitles included, 80% more people watched to completion. It isn’t always easy to add subtitles to videos, but we use a handy website called Kapwing and we wanted to… Read more »

Top Tips for staying positive in the Corona crisis

With the majority of the world in a current state of fear and panic, Tia loves to help the Amber Mountain team with her mindset and suggests the only way we can fight this is to be positive! Don’t worry, we completely understand it’s not that simple, which is why Tia is going to share… Read more »

5 Marketing Tips to help your business in the current climate!

1. Communicate with your clients – Keep talking Let them know you are still working and communicate any changes that are taking place in your business.  Definitely keep a positive spin on what you are doing, you need to keep upbeat for your customers.  Communication is vital when times get tough! 2. Keep posting on… Read more »

Automation vs Personalisation: Have you got the balance?

With technology becoming more and more powerful the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), is becoming a popular choice with a lot of businesses.  There is however a fine line between keeping it personal and badgering clients with constant automated emails that they can clearly see are automated too! Only leaving them to do one thing… Read more »

Amber Mountain turns 2!

We can’t quite believe it’s been 2 years; it feels like only yesterday Emma had an idea and now look where we are!!! In what feels like a whirlwind Amber Mountain not only exists but has already smashed its goal, of helping small businesses to grow and we couldn’t be prouder! After starting the business… Read more »

Top 5 Free Tools for Small Businesses

What free tools do you use to help your business? Starting out as a small business is tough, there are a lot of different things you want to do, but majority of the time they come with a cost. So, we have put together a list of our clients’ Top 5 Favourite Free Tools that… Read more »