Automation vs Personalisation: Have you got the balance?

With technology becoming more and more powerful the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), is becoming a popular choice with a lot of businesses.  There is however a fine line between keeping it personal and badgering clients with constant automated emails that they can clearly see are automated too! Only leaving them to do one thing and that’s click on the Opt out button!   As much as we live in a digital world the old saying is still very much true ‘people buy from people’ and I personally hate the way the world is going with automation.

When to use automation

Automation will never replace the personal connections you should have with your clients, however, that doesn’t mean it can’t make it easier for you.

One example of this is, Birthdays. That’s right, something as simple as wishing your client/customer a Happy Birthday can be automated yet still personal. If you know when your client/customers birthday is, why not add it to your database, then automate an email to go out to them wishing them a happy birthday and maybe offering them a birthday discount, it really is that simple!!

Split your database to make it more personal

If you are automating 10 different emails to go to potential customers, that are generic, and not personalised to offer a solution to that specific business, do you think your message will stand out? Probably not.

Knowing how to segment your audience can be really tough, boring and very confusing. However, automation can do all of that for you, and not just based on age, gender and location but interests, income, buying habits, social media activity etc.

So rather than trying to sell a training package to all business owners, you can segment your audience and automate your message to go out to Business Owners who aren’t using social media, or who are using it intermittently, which is a lot more personal than a generic blanket email.

Newsletter tools such as Mailchimp are great platforms to use to segment your audience, with the option to have different audiences and tags. Plus, you can even use different segments based on birthdays, address, activity etc.

Automation vs Personalisations

Personalisation over automisation any day.

Automation can make your processes easier, more effective and increase efficiency however it’s something you really need to think about and make as personal as possible.  We need to be human, people want a warm fuzzy feeling inside when they hear from you, and it’s not something you can do lightly and it takes huge amounts of time to perfect.  We are yet to find a series of emails that we don’t feel have been automated but please do prove us wrong and send us your automated ‘personalised’ emails. As marketers we all want that day to come!