Are You Ready to Reopen? Marketing Checklist!

The pandemic has affected a lot of businesses, whether it has made them boom, die or come to life, it has affected all businesses in some way. However, with businesses getting ready to fully reopen by the 21st of June, we wanted to put together a Marketing Checklist all about what you can do to make sure people know that you are still here and thriving!

First things first, just because you are able to reopen your shop, restaurant, pub or club, it doesn’t mean you should drop all of the new online services you implemented like online shopping and online ordering services, there will still be people who are uncomfortable with heading out into busy public areas, or who are still self-isolating.

However, we also wanted to give you a detailed checklist of what marketing strategies you can use to help your business boom:

Social Media

Social Media | Digital Marketing | Amber Mountain Marketing

Of course, Social Media is a massive strategy you can utilise because of the fact that there 3.96 billion people actively using the different platforms in the world!

So what ways can you utilise Social Media?

  • Let people know you’re open! You can use your social media to let your customers know when you will be back open, and whether you are partially open or fully open. Also, let them know your opening hours, have they changed, been extended or are they staying the same?
  • New offers! Do you have any new offers, products, discounts or anything special happening with your business when you first open? If so, let your customers know, especially if you have any “in-store” offers.
  • Updates! Make everyone aware of what is going on with your business, are you so busy you have run out of tables/stock? Do you have any availability left? Inform your customers what is going on.

Google My Business

The free but forgotten tool. Google My Business is completely free for any business to use, but over 56% of businesses haven’t claimed theirs!

Google my business is a great tool for your business because of a lot of reasons:

  • Information updates! You can inform customers about where you are based, what you do, and what hours you are open.
  • Reach! The more you update your business with reviews, posts, products, opening hours and extra information the more google will push your business out to people who are searching for keywords similar to your business’ services/products.
  • Products! Update your products regularly to show people searching on google what products you offer, if you have a service-based business then add your packages/services into the product section so it is easier for potential customers to see what you offer.


Run a marketing campaign with an “in store” discount, online discount, or even a “buy one get one free”, it will draw people into your business, espcecially with a lot of people having a heavy focus on shop local.

There are a lot way you can do this:

  • Social Media
  • Email Campaign – “19.31% of participants in a survey carried out by Sendinblue indicated that they’d only subscribed to a brand’s newsletter to receive discounts and special offers”
  • Leaflet drop
  • In-Shop Advertising (Window Advertising)
  • SMS Campaign
  • Google Ads

With so much to think about to make sure your business is booming we know it can feel slightly daunting, and you may feel slightly stressed. That isn’t our intention, but we get this a lot when talking to new clients and that’s where we can help you. Amber Mountain can take that pain away and do all this for you, or mentor you to show you how to do it yourselves. 

Why not book in a free power hour so we can help you tailor your marketing to your business needs and prioritise all marketing activities accordingly? Contact Tia on or call us on 01727 648 780 and we would happily help you to get started.