Alternative Bridging Corporation

Marketing spend reduced by 47%

Alternative Bridging Corporation (ABC) were working with multiple agencies to implement a mix of different Marketing Activities.

Our solution meant we could remove majority of the agencies, and higher costs by supplying an apprentice to implement their strategies. Along with access to a Marketing Manager for strategy support.

Instantly saving them 47% of their annual marketing budget.

New Marketing Strategies implemented

  • Monthly Adverts in Industry Magazines
  • Designed 4 Marketing Materials
  • A Fresh Brand Image
  • A New Website Design
  • Social media content planning and implementation
  • Marketing research and monthly marketing data analysis


Time to target the ideal customer more strategically has seen an increase in advert open rates by 394%

Sales leads increased by 22%

About Alternative Bridging Corporation

We are principal lenders, not brokers, who make Residential and Commercial loans from £150,000 to £10m for up to twenty-four months.

With a 25-year track record, we are an experienced, dedicated team of property finance professionals who understand both commercial and residential property loans and development finance. Put simply, property lending is our business.

Put simply, property lending is our business

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