A Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional social media network of the bunch, created to give people a platform to share business related content, and connect/network with other business individuals. 

Our Guide is here to teach you all things LinkedIn, from setting up your business account, to building your business page. 

LinkedIn was launched in 2003, by Reid Hoffman, and by 2004, they had 1 million users. 

Around the world 59.1% of 25-34 years have a linkedin account, with content creators like Steven Bartlett, Lea Turner and James Watt, it is great for building your business and personal brand. 

LinkedIn has more recently moved away from being strictly business and moved towards sharing more on the work/life balance side.  

Not sure what to post? Take a look at our account to see what we post! 

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Digital Marketing Services | Amber Mountain Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services | Amber Mountain Marketing

Let LinkedIn build your business and grow your professional audience. 

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