5 Marketing Tips to help your business in the current climate!

1. Communicate with your clients – Keep talking

Let them know you are still working and communicate any changes that are taking place in your business.  Definitely keep a positive spin on what you are doing, you need to keep upbeat for your customers.  Communication is vital when times get tough!

2. Keep posting on social media – let the world know you’re here

Be consistent and remain positive. Offer advice in your expertise – if you are an accountant what can small businesses do financially, if you work with children post and share ideas of what can parents do to keep sane?  If you can’t think of ideas for content contact us and let us help you – we can always find a positive.

3. Change your business model – Don’t fight it, feel it

If your business involves face to face contact change it up a bit.  Our lovely client Jess at Showtime Circus provides circus skills to kids so she is going online with Hometime Circus.  This could in fact make her business even bigger with more opportunity for kids not in the local area to join in.  Naomi Czuba Dance will also be doing this – we need motivational people like Naomi & Jess in our lives right now!

Think outside the box!  This is the perfect time to do your up garden.  Landscape gardeners, tree surgeons and rubbish removal companies do not even have to enter the home or make physical contact.  You can stay safe in your house whilst they work their magic.  

4. Offer free tools – share the love

Give out anything you can to help people.  We are offering free advice, our business coach Jeremy at Action Coach is offering free advice and a webinar tomorrow to help everyone. Our IT client Neil at NetSec is offering his conference call service for free, Charlotte our Invoke Finance client is offering mortgage advice calls and our Crisp Accountancy client Luke is doing a series of videos to help businesses. He’s also bucking the trend in the accountancy sector by having zoom calls with all his clients 1-2-1.  What can you offer to help everyone you can right now? If your business is events and networking we can do this online!  Thank goodness we have technology!

5. Use the groups!  There’s nothing wrong with shouting ‘look at me’

We are lucky enough to have so many good social groups on Facebook and business connections on LinkedIn.   We can all post and share our content on most of these so find them and use them.  If you don’t know what we mean contact us and we can tell you more and help you find them. 

Finally add some humour where you can – share some positivity and happiness, we have to keep that going.  

If you are really struggling to smile check out my sister Kay DJ Kayrona on Spotify she is setting up a daily positive playlist.   We have got this guys and if you are struggling just call us!!!!  We want to help!!!