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[Free Download] Social Media Content Ideas

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Writing your own social media content can be tough and time consuming, especially trying to make it useful and engaging.

So we have created a free downloadable of content ideas, that you can utilise and tailor for you business.

    What is a marketing plan and how to write one? + Free Templates

    How to write a Marketing Plan | Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Hertfordshire
    Team Typing | Writing a Marketing Plan

    Are you a new business trying to give your brand a well-deserved head start? Or an existing company looking to give your brand more recognition to bring in new leads? Well having a Marketing Plan is a great way to make sure you know how you are going to increase your brand awareness and sales for at least the next year!

    “A marketing plan is an operational document that outlines an advertising strategy that an organization will implement to generate leads and reach its target market. A marketing plan details the outreach and PR campaigns to be undertaken over a period, including how the company will measure the effect of these initiatives.” –

    Marketing Plans are so important for businesses, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to write, so we have outlined some of the most important parts of a Marketing Plan and how you can write them.


    In the very first part of your Marketing Plan you need to include the Business Name, Location, Date Established, Owners and Product/Service.

    Now, we know this sounds simple and maybe unnecessary however business information is crucial to the beginning of your marketing plan. Your marketing plan should be able to be passed along and easily understood whether that is by someone new joining your business, or an outsourced marketing agency.


    A mission statement is used for a business to explain it’s purpose, in simple terms to the world.

    It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what your companies focus is but here are a few things to consider:

    • What does your company do?
    • What values does your business uphold? (think of this in the sense of how your business actually works with your customers/clients)
    • Why do you do what you do?

    Now place these answers to those questions in a simple sentence or two. Remember to keep your business mission statement short and to the point.

    If you are struggling and need some inspiration, check out these examples.


    Your business vision statement, can often get confused with your mission statement however they do have a difference!

    Your vision statement is where you want to see your business. So what does your business look like based on your goals and aspiration?

    Here are a couple of questions to consider:

    • What problem are you trying to solve?
    • How do you want to stand out from your competitors?
    • As a business what are your values?

    Business Vision Statements can be incredibly inspiring to yourself and your employees, so make sure it is a statement you want to live by.


    SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities, all of these aspects are so important when considering where your business is heading and what might be holding you back.

    Check out these descriptions below to understand what each part means:

    Strengths: What do you do well? What is an asset to your business? What resources do you have? Ask others what they think the strengths within your business are.

    Weaknesses: What can you improve on? Where do you need more resource within your business? Ask your team or people who know your business what they think you could improve on.

    Opportunities: What new resources, trends or changes could you take advantage of? Relook at your strengths and look at those that you can turn into opportunities.

    Threats: What do your weaknesses open you up to? What would be detrimental to your business? What are changes you have no power over that would harm your business?

    Woman On Phone | Target Market


    Understanding who your ideal target market is, is an absolutely vital part of marketing your business. Without understand who your target market is, you won’t understand how to talk to them, what channels to use to reach them or what pain points you are solving.

    A great way to really understand your target market is by creating a customer persona. To do this you can either download our Free Customer Persona Template to get a more indepth understanding or map out the following questions:

    • Characteristics
    • Personal Life
    • Work Life
    • Communications
    • Frustrations/Pain Points

    This will give you a real understanding of who your perfect customer is from a more personal perspective.


    Your marketing goals give you the opportunity to hold yourself and your team accountable for targets, whether that is tasks, quotas, improvements in KPIs, or other performance-based goals.

    All of your marketing goals should follow the SMART Goal structure:

    Specific | Measurable | Attainable | Relevant | Time-based

    This means you know exactly what your goal is, you can measure the results, it is achievable, relevant to your business and you know the timings of your goal. Making it a lot easier to monitor and measure how well your goals/campaigns are doing.


    At the end of your marketing plan, you need to outline what actions/strategies you are going to do to complete each goal, ideally matching a strategy to each one of your goals.

    This should include what strategy, what goal it relates to and how much it is going to cost (either monthly or yearly) so that you can understand how you are going to meet your SMART Goals.

    It also means everyone looking at the marketing plan understands what needs to happen next, how it is going to happen and what impact it will have on the company.

    Having a marketing plan is really important for your business and should give you a clear direction as to how you are going to increase your brand awareness and leads, as well as what that means for your business’ resources.

    If you are looking for a document that you can easily fill in so you have a solid marketing plan, download our Free One Page Marketing Plan Template.

    New Year Goals for Business Success

    New Year Resolution for Business Success | Amber Mountain Marketing

    With the year starting not quite as we all hoped we wanted to bring some positivity with a few ideas on how to really focus on your goals for 2021. We cannot control the pandemic but we can control how we react to it and it doesn’t have to stop your business success. So set some goals and go for it!   We have given you five ideas below. We hope they help and give your January a boost!

    1: Marketing

    Of course, we couldn’t help but start with Marketing. Marketing is a business strategy that a lot see as a cost rather than an investment into their business success.

    For a lot of businesses marketing is at the bottom of their task list, with it sometimes being forgotten because people don’t understand it.

    But Marketing is so important, it is a way of attracting new customers, building your brand and engaging your ideal audience.

    So, whether you hire someone in house or outsource to an Agency…Make Marketing a Priority.

    For more Marketing help take a look at our Resources page here

    In times like we are in right now, marketing often gets left behind.  Everyone is looking to cut costs to save their business, and it pains me to see business owners make this mistake.  Marketing isn’t a cost but an investment, and you will see a return if its done right!   This is the time that you need to stand out and really promote your product or service.   Do not stop marketing especially in what feels like the toughest time. 

    Emma Ellis, Managing Director

    2: Plan! Plan! Plan!

    Planning is key for life not just business success!

    Planning lets you set out where you want to end up and how you are going to get there with structured goals.

    Lots of businesses run without real structure, or an idea of where they are wanting the business to end up. But this means that there is nothing to strive for and you don’t know what to prioritise next.

    For your business we recommend having a Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly plan of what you want to achieve, which will help you stay focused on your end goal!

    “Planning ahead is usually put to the end of everyone’s list but it can save you hours of time! Whether it’s simply planning out your day or planning your blog posts ahead, it will focus your concentration so that you aren’t wasting time. Having a plan will make you feel more constructive with your time and you’ll have less of that brain fuzz feeling where you don’t know where to start. I always plan content a month in advance with our content planner, allowing me to feel ahead of the game!”

    Tia-Lily Girdlestone, Marketing Assistant

    3: Delegate!

    Delegating is so important, you shouldn’t and can’t do everything yourself!

    What’s to say there isn’t someone on your team that knows more about the subject than yourself? Or maybe it will help them with their development? Just because you delegate it doesn’t mean you can’t have any involvement.

    See if there are any Time-consuming, Teachable or Time-sensitive tasks that you can pass to your team or outsource!

    “I really struggled with delegation when I became a Marketing Manager, it felt like I was giving away everything I did and that it wouldn’t be done properly. However, what I realised over the course of delegating was that there was new fresh ideas, learning increased and it gave me more time to train on new strategies. Delegation can just mean there is someone more experienced, or it just frees you up to do more of what you NEED to do!”

    Tamzin Klyen, Marketing Manager

    4: Give Back

    The last 12 months have been rough for a lot of businesses through no fault of their own, and lots are based right in your own community.

    So, if you have the ability to offer out some support, whether it is giving people 15 minutes of your time to discuss business, how you can collaborate or giving them some free information, it’s a nice thing to do!

    The more you help other people the more you will receive help back, so if you are referring businesses to that local accountant that you know, or the IT business that is based in your building, it means you are building a network of people who know your business!

    “At the very beginning of the first lockdown, one of the very first things we decided as a team is that we wanted to give back. We wanted to be able to help people where we can, and that’s exactly what we did. Over the course of the first lockdown we completed over 60 hours of Free Marketing Meetings. Giving back to us meant we got to help a lot of people/businesses, and now we have seen those business flourish through offering out just a few hours a week to whoever we can. So if you have the resources and time then we definitely recommend doing what you can to give back”

    Tamzin Klyen, Marketing Manager

    5: Work/Life Balance

    Giving yourself time to recharge and get a clear mind is so important for your business success (and your family!)

    Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you are out with the kids, walking the dog or maybe even cooking dinner, because it’s one of the few times you give your mind the opportunity to relax and be more open.

    It also means you aren’t as stressed, and neither is your office environment, so take an early finish, or a longer lunch and do something you enjoy!

    “It can be so hard to get this right, and I still haven’t, and lockdown 3.0 doesn’t help. I personally get up an hour earlier than everyone else as it gives me that ‘me’ time. I work out, I read, I meditate, I catch up on work.   It’s a killer getting out of bed but it gets me in the right headspace for whatever the day throws at me. Another tip it to stop putting too much pressure on yourself. Try to define set time to be present with the family and with work and if it doesn’t happen, try again tomorrow and lower your expectations slightly. We are in a tough old world right now, so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t always work out!”

    Emma Ellis, Managing Director

    We are always wanting to hear what people are planning for their new year, which gives us all inspiration, so let us know yours below! If you are still struggling and haven’t had a power hour with us yet, feel free to contact us.  We appreciate it’s hard to get motivated right now, and if you need that extra boost we can help, we want you to strive for Business Success!  

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