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What is a landing page and how should it be used?

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We’ve all been taken to a landing page when something has caught our eye, but what are they and how should they be used?

I will explain what a landing page is, the key features that should be on them all, how to make a SMART landing page, how to analyse them and make sure it’s working for your business and also when not to use a landing page.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page which is created specifically to get the user (your customer) to do something. They are mainly used in conjunction with Pay Per Click advertising or an email marketing campaign.

You are directing your visitors to the exact place that you want them to be to do exactly what you want them to do and you don’t want them to get lost or distracted!

The different types of landing pages are:

  • Lead generation
  • Click through for ecommerce

So think about….

What you want to do with your landing page?

Who are your directly trying to engage?

What is the best way to get them to take notice?

What do you want them to do?

And a good way to make sure your landing page does this is by making it SMART

Make it SMART

The Acronym SMART goals are used a lot in marketing, and are very useful when your thinking about creating a landing page.

– Specific

So you are asking the user to come to the landing page and do something specific.

M – Measurable

You want to know how well this page is performing, so this may be through sales or signups from this page. These may be obvious if there is a sudden increase as soon as the page is live or may be gradual and can be analysed through Google analytics or a Facebook pixel.

A – Attainable

How many more signups/sales do you want per month and is this realistic – what are you doing to drive your traffic here?

R – Relevant

Is the page relevant to your business, once they get here will they want to download the ebook/sign up to your mailing list/buy your product? Now they are here make it easy for them. How does this current ‘offer’ relate to the rest of your business and how can you profit from it.  There’s no point getting lots of people to sign up if you never send out an email to them!

T – Time-bound

If a certain offer is only available for a certain time then people are more likely to do something straight away, it will also help you see what is working and what is not.  If you try a few different landing pages over a few months and see which ones work the best and why.

Here’s a great blog on hubspot for utilising SMART goals to make you a better marketer:

Key features:
  • Headline
    • They’re here so what do you want to tell them?
    • Make sure the headline talks to your audience and grabs their attention!
  • Call To Action
    • What do you want them to do?
    • Keep it simple – only get the information you need!
    •  Let them know the benefit of what you are offering!
    • Keep the form above the fold
    • Make the form stand out
  • Clear & Concise  
    • Give them key information but don’t drown them, its not a blog post after all!
    • Break up the text
    • Emphasis the important points
    • Use eye-catching and relevant imagery (Such as an ebook front page – if that’s what your offering)
  • No distractions – No navigation or other distractions we don’t want them going anywhere!
  • Easy to share
    • Add social sharing buttons so your visitors can help you reach more!
  • Reinforce your brand – so that even if your customer doesn’t convert this time they will remember your brand when something else comes up in the future.
  • Boost your credibility – A good landing page should have your customer best interests at heart and be offering them something they want (or need!)

The following is  a great post by SEO guru Neil Patel:

Beginner’s Guide

How to know if your landing page is doing it job

You should know how many customers are converting through your landing pages.  This can be through Google analytics, a Facebook pixel, a particular campaign that they are signing up for.

To thoroughly test your landing page here is a guide to A/B testing, A/B testing is when you try out different versions of the same page and test how well it is doing, here is an infographic which demonstrates A/B testing:

How to test your Landing Pages | Digital Marketing | St Albans | Hertfordshire

Infographic by- Invesp

When is a landing page not needed?

Your landing page shouldn’t take you anywhere else on your site – and certainly not to your homepage (otherwise it should just be your homepage!).  If you haven’t got clear goals and a clear audience that you are targeting and a way of checking whether the page is converting it probably isn’t a landing page you need.

Landing pages can be a really useful marketing tool if used correctly and can help you gain customer and broaden your reach and make our brand more recognisable and trusted.  Get them correctly and you can hugely increase your reach!

If you need help help creating your landing page, contact Anna at Gold Nugget Designs.

Choosing the right platform to send a message.

Choosing the right messaging platform | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

When it comes to communicating with your clients, sending them a message on the right platform can hugely impact their reply time.

Many of us naturally send people an email when it is business related because that is seen as ‘the norm’, but what we don’t think to take into consideration is our clients most valued platform.

Like many of us know, the amount of sales emails and general spam that comes into our inbox is unimaginable, we are all guilty for just deleting the lot or completely ignoring it and letting them build up.

So, if you needed a reply from a client urgently and your email gets lost in the pile, the likelihood is that they aren’t going to see that email in time, or better yet, never even read it.

So this is where having social media as an alternative can be a life saver.

With more and more people and businesses joining the digital world, social media is now the place to be. With billions of people having an account on at least one network, checking your page is now a second nature and the average time a person spends on social media a day is 3 hours, whereas most people don’t even check their emails daily.

Sending someone a message on social media almost guarantees they will receive it and take action, even if it means going into their emails to see your original request. Instant notifications on social media make it nearly impossible to miss any activity that happens on your account, so if you are dealing with a business that has Instagram, sending them a DM might be your better option.

But don’t get me wrong, sending a client a quick email is always a good idea, even if they don’t see it straight away.

Sending an email is a lot more secure than a social media account, this means that you can relay important information without the worry of your information being hacked or received by the wrong person and have an information trail to look back on. Whereas, social media accounts have a bad reputation on being hacked, so when it comes to sending over confidential information, always use the most secure network you can.

Sending someone and email then following up with a message on social media if you haven’t got a reply could be the way forward.

But the main thing to remember when deciding on what platform to use is to take your client into consideration, whether that be their age, industry, or personality. For example, people in the beauty industry rely heavily on social media when it comes to bringing in clients, so they would constantly be replying to messages, whereas people in the legal industry would be more likely to check emails and have a more formal approach when it comes to dealing with clients.

So make sure you have a chat with all your clients about what they would prefer, because we always have to put our clients needs first.

Google My Business

Google My Business | Darcy-Salinger Consultancy | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

Google My Business – Why it is so important to have a profile?

More and more emphasis is being placed on making sure your Google My Business profile is active and up-to-date.

Local SEO Importance

Google My Business | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

From an SEO point of view, Google My Business is extremely important for Local SEO. Taking Google as the example, most people when they search will use what is suggested to them for example ‘seo services near me’. This will then bring up the companies near to where you live.

Set up Profile correctly

Google My Business | Insights | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

By making sure you have filled in all of the details in your profile, uploading images, adding a few posts then Google will start to properly display your listing when people are searching.

What is important to remember is what is highlighted in the pie-chart. People are not necessarily looking for your company, they are looking for a category, product or service.

Bearing this in mind it is very important to have all of your products and services listed, it means that you are likely to get found within search.

Remember there are really only two ways you will be found in a search engine – someone searching for your Company by name or someone searching for a service or product that is provided by you

Listing Products is important

Google My Business Product Listing  | Insights | Digital Marketing | Hertfordshire

If you have a shop, then list some of your products so that they will appear against your Google My Business profile. If you set up tracking correctly then you will then be able to see these sales as referrals in Google Analytics

Hints and Tips

Some hints and tips that I’ve found to help you with your profile: –

– It is not good practice to set your opening hours as 24 hours – unless you are actually open 24 hours!

– In the images add your logo! This will appear in the top left of your GMB profile

– If you offer Services, list these so people can see what you do

– If you have a Shop then add some products. These can link through to your shop